June 1, 1993

Representative Chuck Norris reported that his office has been inundated with calls and letters from teachers concerned about a proposed bill that would change retirement benefits for newly hired teachers.

House Bill 2717, which established a second tier for newly hired teachers in the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS), only affects new teachers, stressed Norris. The second tier for new hires would be a defined contribution plan, with 6 percent of payroll contributed by the employer and 6 percent by the employee.

Members already in the system would not see a change in their benefits under the bill, contrary to information being given to teachers.

“It’s unfortunately that this erroneous information was distributed, causing undue stress to the teachers of this state who are already reeling under the cuts brought on by Measure 5,” he added.

•Up to $15 million may be lost by the agricultural industry because of a Department of Environmental Quality decision not to allow a groundwater recharge project under existing water rights. Last month, DEQ officials informed Kent Madison, of Madison Ranches, that a permit to allow Columbia River water to be pumped into the deep level aquifer beneath most of Umatilla County was denied.

This decision could effectively shut down the agricultural industry in the Butter Creek area within five years.

Agriculture could be affected because the project was an effort to correct a reduction in water imposed by Oregon Water Resources, which will limit several area farmers to only a few thousand acre feet of water per year.


May 30, 1968

Hermiston police reported a rash of vandalism.

A front window, facing east, was broken out of the Justice Court with the court seal on it. A broken beer bottle was found nearby. The same night a window was broken by vandals throwing a bottle through a window at Columbia Furniture.

Several pop vending machines were broken into and suspects are believed to be professionals as they hit only the pop machines on the main highway through town.


May 27, 1943

“Once in a thousand” but in the past few weeks it has happened twice, and thus makes the headlines.

Several weeks ago a man, shooting across Despan Culch at a coyote, struck a main transmission line and caused a blackout here for several minutes. Although this was strange it was not extraordinary.

However, last Thursday someone shot at a hawk above Umatilla and did the same identical thing, hitting a wire and causing part of Umatilla to go dark. After the place of trouble was located, a large hawk was found at the foot of the power pole. Killing the hawk was good business but not news — hitting the wire again, that was.

•Not only has the Herald classified page proved extremely valuable in recent months to persons who wish to sell, buy or trade various items, but also is furnishing some interesting reading material. For instance, this week Bob Alstott is avertising as follows: “Will the person who persists in milking my cow, please call at my house and make some arrangements, as I need some of the milk?”


May, 1918

The food administration stated through the Oregonian Sunday, May 26, that we, the citizens of Oregon, were to be eased into the wheatless regime by a five days’ training period.

The food administration has made stirring appeals for every citizen to return the wheat flour on hand, but some of our people have not heard. Are you unpatriotic or just selfish? Selfish because you do not realize that our armies are without bread, the food which makes over half of their diet. The wheat flour which you return goes directly into the government service, and is purchased by the food administrator.

•On the night of the theft of the McNaught and Messner cars some time ago by joy riders a plush robe, checkered on one side and with roses worked on the other, was purloined from a hay rack belonging to Peter Norquist that stood beside the Hermiston livery stable. Mrs. Norquist prized the robe very much and would be greatly pleased if she could recover it.

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