Hodge Park will remain closed during weekdays at least until Nov. 23.

The 30-day trial closure period expired on Friday. The council closed the park near Hermiston High School a month ago in response to the tension and violence that marred the start of the school year.

“It’s kept everybody calm and there’s been no problems, so we’re going to let it go until the next meeting,” Councilor Mike Boise said.

Boise said the council may vote at that time to continue the closure with different hours. The park is now closed from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A week prior to the closure, the Hermiston Plaza — next door to the park — was the site of a drive-by shooting. The park had gained a reputation for gang activity and drug use with many residents referring to the site as “stoner park.” Many students avoid the park to the point of crossing Highland Avenue to give it as wide a berth as possible.


Horses, horses, horses and more horses ... 799 in all were sold during the Fall Bonanza Horse Sale at the Northwestern Livestock Commission Co. from 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 19 until Monday, Oct. 21 at 4:45 p.m. says Mrs. Omer Bonney, wife of the horse sale promoter.

The marathon event went day and night without a stop until all 799 head were sold, being consigned from owners from 8 different states and several provinces in Canada.

Top price for any one animal was received by Lou Levy of Pendleton, who consigned “Eddie Ricky,” a registered Quarterhorse stallion that sold for $1,600.

Helping Omer Bonney with the auctioneering chores were Dean Davis of Fort Morgan, Colorado and Orville Sherlock of Walla Walla.


The football classic of the year will be played on the local field Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. when the Hermiston Bulldogs will seek their first win over Pendleton High in the last 14 years. The best the Bulldogs have done in recent years is a tie game played two years ago. Coach Frank Davison’s team will be in top notch condition except for “Moon” Mullins, substitute back, who is nursing a banged-up knee.

As the two teams have not played a common opponent to date, little in the way of comparative strength can be made. Pendleton is again boasting a speedy backfield with a fairly healthy line. The county seat lads are reported as having an excellent passing attack to augment their running game. The Bulldogs of Hermiston are improving with every game and reached a high point last Friday by defeating a favored Kennewick team on the local field.

Kennewick came to Hermiston hoping to duplicate an early season win over the Bulldogs but was forced to take the short end of a 7-0 score. The game proved to be one of the most thrilling in recent years when the Hermiston team repeatedly held the fast running Kennewick backs when they got into scoring territory. On no less than six occasions the Washington lads got within the Hermiston 10 yard line, only to be held for downs.


The county health officer has visited Hermiston and found a number of cases of Spanish influenza in our midst.

In order to successfully stamp out the disease the city administration must have the cooperation of every citizen. It is important that we observe the rules and regulations to this end or the disease will spread rapidly with sad results.

I therefore ask that every man, woman and child in the city use every precaution possible in a vigorous attempt to prevent further spread of the epidemic. Do not congregate in any building. Do not allow children to play in groups, and when two or three play together be sure none has been near exposure. Do not travel on trains any more than absolutely necessary. Try to avoid coming in contact with the breath of others. Keep your homes, offices and business houses well aired. Keep the body well fed and property clothed. With children the use of milk is recommended. Sneeze into a handkerchief.

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