Oct. 19, 1993

In the last week, the idea of separating Irrigon and Boardman high school students has been discussed in the Irrigon city council meeting.

Up until 1959, Boardman and Irrigon had separate schools. Then they consolidated, and for the past three decades students from both communities became identified under one high school in Boardman.

but the desire to return schools to each community never died, and when talk of tearing down the 1921 Irrigon school building began, Irrigon residents began talking about splitting the school system to save the historic site.

“I understand the importance of community schools,” said Morrow County School superintendent Chuck Starr. “There are a lot of positive advantages to each community having its own high schools.”

About 53 percent of Riverside High School students live in Irrigon.


Oct. 17, 1968

At their regular meeting Wednesday, Oct. 9, the Hermiston City Council discussed many subjects on the agenda. Here are a few that are other than routine:

As a result of protests from local citizens concerning the placement of the Hermiston section in the phone book, Pacific Northwest Bell has announced they will assemble next year’s telephone directory as they have in the past, and place Hermiston at the front of the book, for directories issued in this area.

A decision was reached to go ahead with plans for the improvement of the Highway 32 within the city limits of Hermiston.

Following discussion, it was decided to have the city manager correspond with the necessary people advising that signs will be removed November 15 on Highland Avenue and Orchard Avenue at the railroad crossings.


Oct. 21, 1943

A group of members of the Hermiston Chamber of Commerce made an excursion to Ordnance Monday noon at the invitation of D.W. Bliss, manager of Hermiston’s newest neighbor town. The caravan left here at noon and ate at the Umatilla Ordinance Depot cafeteria from where the members were escorted to the town of Ordnance.

The town now boasts a population of 527 with 164 families now listed on the roster. When completely finished and fully occupied, there will be room for 350 families. The city is conveniently located just south of the main entrance into the Umatilla Ordinance Depot, making it possible for workers to walk to their work.

The business section is not completely filled as yet but boasts an up-to-date grocery store and space for several other businesses. These will be occupied as soon as arrangements and leases can be made and drawn up, according to Mr. Bliss.


Oct. 19, 1918

Right on the eve of peace rumors from Europe, war in the shape of the Spanish influenza broke out in the United States and spread with such rapidity that it struck around Hermiston in the 11th hour of the holding of the Dairy and Hog Show, and therefore put a quietus on an annual event that is always heralded with pride and joy by ranchers and citizens alike.

Elaborate preparations had been made this year by the management of the fair to make the event one that would go down in the annals of Hermiston history as being far more attractive and on a more stupendous scale than that of the five preceding annual Dairy and Hog shows. But the withering hand of a widespread infectious disease had to step in at an inopportune time and put a stop to these well-laid plans that had meant so much to the dairymen, hog raisers and agricultural people of this community, who have yearly taken just pride in exhibiting the products of their farms.

But with good grace all bow to the precautionary measures enjoined by a rigid quarantine and agree that the mayor’s proclamation of closing schools, the Movie, abandoning church services and stopping all public gatherings is the best method of safeguarding the public against the spread of influenza in this neighborhood.

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