Feb. 16, 1993

Gary Marks and members of the Sagebrush Coalition hope to right a wrong by convincing Oregonians they need to return to the “one senator per county” system of government. Marks, the city manager of Heppner, visited the Umatilla Chamber of Commerce Thursday, to give Umatillans a chance to help out this “grassroots cause” which is sweeping through Eastern Oregon.

“I never realized what a difference there is between the east and west sides of the state until I came to Heppner,” Marks said. “I realized then I was mistakenly born in Portland, which was compounded by being raised there most of my life.”

He said when he became city manager in Heppner, he learned quickly how much the eastern part of the state is discriminated against.

“Look at the recent article in the Sunday Oregonian on water,” Marks said. “They paint a nightmarish picture for the urban dweller that is quite believable. It says that farmers and ranchers are ‘draining Oregon dry.’ It’s just another example of how the west side is distorting things.”

Marks said he and the Sagebrush Coalition are a group of people who are fed up with the west side of the state controlling everything. As the state senate is set up now, there are 26 senators from west of the Cascades, and only four from east of the Cascades. The Sagebrush Coalition seeks to even that number up with 18 on the west and 18 on the east. Marks gave those present a history lesson on how Oregon used to have a one senator per county system until the Supreme Court of the United States decided this system was unconstitutional.

In order for the state to change the current system, the Sagebrush Coalition is attempting to get an advisory question on the ballots of the 18 counties east of the Cascades. Currently only Malheur and Morrow counties have placed the question on their ballots.


Feb. 15, 1968

Moving date for the old Riverside High School Building at Boardman to the new structure, now under construction, is less than two months away. The school district’s contract with the Army Corps of Engineers calls for vacating the old buildings by April 1, in order that they may be razed by a salvage contractor before the John Day Dam is closed and waters of the Umatilla reservoir rise. Lawson Construction Company is racing against time to get the new school ready for occupancy by the deadline, but it is almost a certainty that the job will not be completed by that time.

Supt. Ron Daniels of the Morrow County School District is hoping that classrooms will be far enough along to accommodate the students. Daniels has told both the school board and parents that a delay in the delivery of steel now makes it questionable whether the classroom portion of the new building will be finished on time. The contract for the salvage is not at this writing been awarded, but it is hoped that the school district will be able to get an extension on the time that they will need from the salvage company that gets the job.


Feb. 18, 1943

Thousands of Oregon rural homes were equipped with electricity just prior to the outbreak of the war and may now be facing repair problems at a time when regular repair men are almost impossible to get and when even the men of the house are swamped with other work, points out Myrtle Carter, Home Demonstration Agent for Umatilla County. This condition means that the job of keeping everyday electrical equipment in repair is falling to a considerable extent on the women of the house, who are going to have to find out that a fuse box, for example, has nothing to do with firecrackers. To aid inexperienced folks in making simple electrical repairs, a home economics mimeographed circular No. 1678 has been issued and is available from county extension offices. It explains, among other things, that fuses in a fuse box are circuit breakers put there to serve as safety valves on the electrical system. If one goes out the lights on that particular circuit may not be used until it is replaced.

The Mac-Hi Pioneers drew first blood in the sub-district tourney when they came from behind to defeat the Hermiston Bulldogs on the local floor Monday night. The margin of victory came in the final period when the Bulldogs’ defense fell apart and their offense failed to click. The Pioneers scored rapidly and suddenly pulled away into a six-point lead and a 29 to 23 victory. The game was a slam bang affair all the way with the Milton-Freewater quintet jumping into an early lead. Ellis and Torgeson scored the first points of the contest on fast breaking shots from close under the basket. The only points scored by the Bulldogs in the first period were a pair of free throws in which Bill Schoonover dropped in.


Feb. 16, 1918

“Bob’s” popularity grows on West side: Apparently Robert E. Stanfield, candidate for United States senator, has made a big hit with the voters of western and southern Oregon on his campaigning tour through those portions of the state. It’s a good criterion of a candidate’s success when newspapers speak well of him — and from what has been printed in coast papers of his candidacy it would seem as if “Bob” will easily receive the nomination at the primary election by force of his known ability and ardent support of the voters and members of the fourth estate in north, south, western and eastern Oregon.

Two ranchers decided to trade their farms instead of exchanging money. Frank Auseon, the well-known barber, and W.L. Pearson, well-known pharmacy man, got talking about trades the other day, and before they were through each had swapped his farm holdings in this community to the other, and moving day was set for Thursday of next week. In the deal Mr. Auseon gives Mr. Pearson his twenty-acre improve homestead north of town for the latter’s improved five in town and six acres on the Umatilla River not far from here.

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