August 3, 1993

The float that will represent the city of Hermiston in area parades emerged unscathed when the outbuilding where it is being built was vandalized by bullets.

Jeff Pardue, who is building the float at his home on South Highway 395, said he believes vandals fired several shots from a small-bore rifle from a nearby hill.

The shots hit the trailer that the float will rest on, but not the float itself.

“It was probably some punk having a gay old time,” Pardue said.

This is only the latest in a line of setbacks Purdue has experienced since taking on the project. To date, he has spent more than $2,000 of his own money on the float.

• The Regional Water Project participants will have to come up with $13 million to build all of a proposed new water supply system for the West End if projections come true.

Bob Vivian of Ace Consultants in Portland, the engineering firm on the project, delivered the preliminary figures in a meeting of the participants last week.

Hermiston city administrator Ed Brookshier said, however, that only one-third to one-half of the water system will be built initially.

“There’s a strong likelihood that it will not be constructed all at once,” he said.

Plans call for a system that will supply six public and private entities with water piped out of the Columbia River.


Aug. 1, 1968

Well-known radio personality Ira Blue of San Fransisco radio station KGO will appear in Hermiston on Aug. 10 in conjunction with the second half of the Becky Howland benefit auction.

Blue became interested in Becky and the town’s fundraising efforts primarily through a series of radio interviews with Ken Capper, local barber.

Officials have revealed that numerous donations to the Becky Howland Heart Transplant Fund have come from the Bay Area, and can be attributed directly to the publicity afforded to the Hermiston drive by Blue.

Plans are for the auction to commence on Saturday immediately following the Umatilla County Fair parade, and will again be held at the high school football field.

• Forest Grove will be the scene of this year’s Little League tournament and Hermiston team members hope to get off to a good start as they open the tournament tonight at 6 p.m. against the winner of District 2. There are six teams in the state tournament.

The team earned their way into the state tournament by first beating Triangle, John Day and Pendleton in the sub-district tournament in Pendleton and then on Friday night beating The Dalles for the district title in Hermiston.


Aug. 5, 1943

Bold thieves entered the Umatilla liquor store late Tuesday night and took approximately $90 in cash, besides several bottles of brandy and rum. Due to the liquor shortage, the shelves were quite empty, making the loot smaller than it might have been.

Entrance was gained by jimmying the front door. The cash register was also pried open. State police are aiding the investigation.

• Mr. and Mrs. O.C. Piece received word early this week of the marriage Wednesday of their son, Lt. Gene Pierce, to Miss Fay Baker, formerly of Tulsa, Okla. Lt. Pierce is with the U.S. Armed Forces somewhere in Australia and now-Mrs. Pierce is a 2nd Lt. in the Trained Nurse Corps. Mrs. Pierce has been in Australia over a year, slightly longer than Lt. Pierce.

• The second major fire in recent weeks occurred early Monday morning when flames gutted the interior of Stone’s Store west of the tracks, seriously damaging the building and ruining the greater part of the stock.

The fire started in the rear of the building where Jack Crane was working with the refrigeration system. Gas fumes from one of the tanks used for refrigeration escaped and were ignited by a burning torch. The flames spread rapidly, causing painful burns to Crane, who ran to the front of the store warning Mike Hunt, the manager, who was working there. Mr. Hunt quickly dashed through the front door of the store to an upstairs apartment at the rear of the building, barely reaching it in time to rescue Mrs. Hunt and the infant baby who were asleep there.


Stanfield has organized a company of home guards. It already has 35 men, and drilling exercises are being carried on in an able manner by Jack Stork, how knows the military game from a to izzard, and other equally qualified instructors. Echo also has organized a home guard company.

• Yellow jackets attacked Mrs. J.P. Utterback of Echo while that lady was out for a walk one evening last week.

The attack of wasps was so sudden that she was unable to protect herself, and was stung a number of times before escaping from them.

After trying many remedies to alleviate the pain, the best one, so she claims, was the application of flannels wrung out of hot lard and applied as hot as possible. This ought to be a good remedy for Hermiston bee men to remember.

• We have often heard remarks derogatory to the purity of the city’s water, but these allegations are put to rout by an analysis of three samples sent from here to the state board of health at Portland on July 25 by City Clerk Jensen under instructions from the city council. The analysis, a report of which was returned to the clerk early this week, shows that not a trace of gas or colon bacilli was recovered after an incubation of 72 hours.

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