Aug. 23, 1994

Proposed annexation of property into the City of Hermiston may clear the way for a new motel on the south end of town.

City councilors initiated the process for public hearings on the annexation at their Monday night meeting.

Vijay and Jaswanti Narain have consented to the annexation process for a 4.62 acre parcel of land at the corner of Highway 395 and East Airport Road.

Background information compiled by city staff indicates one and a half acres of the property is proposed for a 35-unit motel.

According to Mayor Frank Harkenrider, the owners will only say the motel will bear the name of a major chain.

The property, located across from Hermiston Foods, is within the urban portion of the urban growth boundary, which meets zoning requirements for annexation.


Aug. 21, 1969

What many local residents thought was an earthquake and others thought was a sonic boom Tuesday at about 10:30 p.m. actually was a place crash at Boardman’s Bombing Range.

Oregon State Police of the Hermiston office reported that the crash, which took two lives, was four miles southwest of the main tower at the Boardman Bombing Range.

Further information obtained by the Hermiston Herald indicated that the two men killed were in a Navy jet intruder fighter on a routine training flight. The men were identified as Commander Richard Walls, the pilot, and Lieutenant Denny Cochrun, bombardier-navigator. Both lived at Oak Harbor, Wash., and were attached to Attack Squadron at Whidby Island Navy Air station.

Cause of the crash was unknown. An investigation is underway.


Aug. 24, 1944

Effecting temporary repairs to aileron control cables, Sgt. James M. Marshall of Hermiston enabled the flak-battered B-24 Liberator “Midnight Choo Choo” to land without mishap after a recent bombing mission over enemy territory.

Nazi anti-aircraft batteries scored a direct hit on the bomber just after “Bombs away,” and although it hit no one, flak severely damaged the control cables and severed hydraulic lines. The pilot, 1st Lt. Gayle H. Miller of Montgomery, Ala., peeled out of formation and nursed the crippled Liberator along as Sgt. Marshall worked.

2nd Lt. James W. Abell, the navigator, of Chicago, had been blinded by hydraulic fluid, but managed to direct the Midnight Choo Choo on its homeward flight.

As a result of Sgt. Marshall’s quick repair job, Lt. Miller was able to pilot the crippled bomber to its home base and land it successfully, instead of bailing out and abandoning it.


Aug. 23, 1919

Congress has put the kibosh on the daylight savings act. This was done by both houses this week after President Wilson had vetoed the act repealing the rule, in which he gave as his principal reason the need of increased food production.

This is the first time Congress has passed a measure over the president’s veto. Evidently a majority in both the House and Senate looked at the daylight saving act as only a war measure, which it was, and that the time had come to change the old clock back to normal. Most people think they were right in their deductions.

2) Leave it to B.S. Kingsley and H. Hitt, fishermen of repute, to give us a little variation from the time-worn phrase of “we caught a whopper so long.”

On Sunday last at Cold Springs reservoir these gentlemen while casting about for a “big whopper” spied a pelican near the shore line, and knowing that the bird had an appetite for fish steered their boat close and cast a line with a live minnow on the hook toward the fowl.

It took the bait, and after a little judicious maneuvering, it was landed in the boat unhurt, save where the hook had caught.

These disciples are now being termed the “Pelican Kings” by their friends, having furnished indisputable evidence of their prowess by bringing the pelican alive and placing it on display in the pond in the city park.

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