August 31, 1993

The Port of Morrow will earn about $1 million per year in fees from the Coyote Springs electric generation plant, according to Port officials. The Port signed an agreement with Portland General Electric last week to build the 220-megawatt electric plant, which will take two years to complete. The project could begin as soon as January if the permitting process is complete. A plant expansion, which will double the size of the facility, is planned for the year 2000. The Port will lease the land to PGE for 50 years with the options to renew them for five 10-year periods.

According to the agreement, the Port will also receive a percentage from the sale of the steam generated from the plant. The project, one of the largest in port history, is expected to increase the county’s tax base by about 50 percent once the planned expansion is complete. The contract to build the plant has been granted to EBASCO, an engineering and construction company in California.


August 29, 1968

Talk about physical fitness ... Mrs. Claude (Marion) Corder of Umatilla has that to spare ... She dove in from the Oregon side of the Columbia River, just above McNary Dam at 10:20 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 27, and in just one hour landed on the Washington side. And as though that wasn’t enough, she immediately dove back in and swam back ... landing at reservoir Beach at 12:25... Total time for the whole trip was two hours and five minutes. Following Marion in Charlie Ki’s boat were the Kik family, house guests of the Kiks’ from California, and Claude and Claudette Corder, husband and daughter of the long distance swimmer. The other member of the family, son Craig, was not along during the swim. Marion, aged 46, uses the “Trudgeon Crawl” in her swimming and says this style fits her best for distance and helps her to avoid cramping during the long swims.


September 2, 1943

The annual Umatilla County Four-H fair will be held in Hermiston Saturday, September 25. The date was set last Friday night at a meeting of the fair board in the office of the assistant county agent, Frank Hackler. Also present was Mrs. Myrtle Carter, home demonstration agent of Pendleton. Due to the busy war times, it was voted at the meeting to curtail this year’s show to one day instead of the usual two. It was thought that better cooperation would be available with this arrangement. Prizes will be generally higher than last year with the same number of divisions as heretofore. Final arrangements for the fair will be made soon. Judges and superintendents will be announced next week. Mr. Hackeler will be in general charge of the show.


August 31, 1918

The fifth annual field day at the Experiment Farm will be on Saturday, Sept. 7 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. A number of brief talks on vital subjects is the project farmers have arranged. R.W. Allen, demonstration agriculturist, will talk on “Observation on Land Development” touching on the problems he has met this summer and the points to be considered in future development. “What the Future Has in Store for Hermiston from the Dairy Standpoint and how to Attain It,” is the subject M.S. Shrock, county agricultural agent, has chosen. Professor of Irrigation W. L. Powers, from Corvallis, will discuss “Irrigation Investigation and Practices.” The balance of the afternoon will be used in going over the field experiments, taking up their plans and results to date. The experiments which will receive special attention are border and frequency irrigation, corn variety, alfalfa variety, and pasture grass tests, lysimeter investigations, and orchard cultural treatment. If you are interested in these subjects you cannot afford to miss this opportunity to secure the information that will be given upon them.

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