September 28, 1993

The predictions by a local extension agent have come true. A widespread locust borer infestation is under way and locust tree owners should have taken immediate action. Unfortunately, not everyone heeded the well-timed warning. Locust tree owners have been calling the extension service about the damage wreaked by the tiny pest. Philip Hamm told people to spray their trees with Lindane insecticide to combat the voracious pest. But now that the adults have emerged from the locust trees, leaving behind finger-sized holes, locust tree owners are alarmed by the amount of damage the voracious pest has caused.

Meanwhile, the adult locust borer, which resembles a black-and-yellow stripped wasp, is flying around yards preparing to launch an attack on locust trees that won’t be evident until next September.


September 26, 1968

The historic dedication of the world’s largest multi-purpose dam gets underway this coming Saturday when the mile-long John Day Dam goes fully operational in a big way.

Nearly $450 million has been spent on this Columbia River project which has affected relocation of several Oregon communities.

To celebrate its relocation, Arlington will throw an open house, complete with a smorgasboard lunch and entertainment participation by Congressman Al Ullman and Wayne Morse.


September 30, 1943

In spite of a shortage of ammunition and gasoline, local hunters by droves left town Wednesday and Thursday for yon distant hills in quest of the antlered deer. By pooling ammunition, each hunter was equipped with sufficient shells, provided he does not take too many practice shots. One hunter exclaimed, “I’ve only two shells, but that’s one too many.”

No special allotments of gasoline can be permitted motorists for deer hunting, Richard G. Montgomery, OPA district director, announced today in response to many inquiries from sportsmen and vacationists who are eager to take advantage of the deer season’s official opening.

“We sympathize with the desire of these motorists to get out in the woods and bag their [sic] der,” Montgomery said. “But in view of the critical tire situation and the need to save rubber for essential uses, there can be no relaxation of the mileage rationing regulations for this purpose.”


September 28, 1918

J.D. Watson has a couple of goats that he is willing to contribute as mascots to any of the boys going “over there,” or elsewhere, for that matter. The pesky little things took it upon themselves to anger Mr. Watson one day last week, when they fussed over, under and on top of his Oldsmobile auto while it stood in the yard at his ranch west of town, during which frolic they left zig-zag, perpendicular, horizontal and nearly every other kind of a mark on the body of the car. For this reason the aforesaid gentleman has nothing but the profoundest aversion for these goats, and if he is fortunate enough to get rid of them, he declares there will never be any more of their ilk that will get his “goat.”

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