July 6, 1993

Oregon is still only one of two states imposing a ban against self-serve gas stations. An attempt to join the majority of the states was quashed last week when a House vote of 36-23 put an end to the bill for the remainder of the session.

The bill would have allowed the self-service sale of gasoline and universal access to card-lock facilities in certain eastern Oregon counties. The “county option” would have allowed Umatilla, Morrow and 14 other counties the opportunity to choose to pump their own petro.

According to Rep. Chuck Norris, the county option evolved “after it became clear that an outright repeal of the self-service ban, which has been in place since 1951, or a referral of the issue statewide, was not supported by a majority of the House Natural Resource Committee members.”

• Driving through the Hermiston and Stanfield farming areas, small sections of lilly blossoms can be seem sprinkled across the green fields.

Those small sections are color blocks of several varieties of lillies, a new, successful crop grown in the area.

Even though there are 250 acres of lillies growing in different locations, fields of full-blown flowers swaying in the breeze will not be seen, as growers are focused on building a good root system and allowing the bulbs to reach full maturity would be counterproductive.


July 4, 1968

Hermiston telephone users who call overseas may not know it, but their voices are traveling by satellite with increasing regularity these days.

Communications satellites supplementing longer-established undersea cables are carrying a steadily-growing number of telephone calls to parts of Europe and the Pacific. But satellites are just beginning to cast their shadow across the globe.

According to Dale Slusher, local manager for Pacific Northwest Bell, satellite telephone service will be available before long to Africa, South America, the Middle East and Asia. The construction of new ground stations in these distant lands and the launching of higher-capacity satellites will make this expansion possible.


July 8, 1943

Like the baseball player who ran to third base instead of first, the Hermiston fire department did a good job of extinguishing the flames of some small barns on the W.J. Warner property south of town but found out the next morning that the original call for help had come from a trailer house fire in Cabin City. A third fire started just a short distance east of the other two fires.

The barns were completely destroyed, the trailer house seriously damaged and no report was made of the third fire. However, one thing was quite certain, all the fires had some connection. The barn fire was the third similar case in recent months indicating that a firebug might be active here.

Residents with small outbuildings are urged to keep on the lookout for suspicious characters or indications which might lead to another fire.

• Army Ordnance is learning a lot about women it never knew before. Women are replacing men called to the Armed Forces or shipped overseas. They are helping relieve the manpower shortage.

A realistic survey of female employment has been made available by Colonel A.S. Buyers, commanding Umatilla Ordnance Depot, which employs a large number of women.

Here is what battle-tough Ordnance personnel experts discovered: Women have greater finger dexterity than men, greater patience, greater enthusiasm. Women will accept 99 percent responsibility, but they always like to receive a final OK on their work from men. Women want their jobs glamorized for them. Women do not mind getting their hands and faces dirty, but the lack of beauty shops in the community will cause a serious personnel problem. Women take instructions and directions in a far more personal manner than men. Women are patriotic without cynicism.


July 6, 1918

When the change is made from gas power to electricity at the city pumping station the reservoir on the Hermiston Butte will be flushed and cleaned. At that time the council plans to do a little road improvement by flushing the city streets with water that will come from the hydrants in the flushing process, and then put on the road drag and smooth up the holes on the main thoroughfare.

Owners of shade trees on thoroughfares that obstruct the vision of opposite-going vehicles will be asked to trim them in order to avoid accidents

• Picnics, reunions and family gatherings marked the celebration of Independence Day this year, and the noisy firecracker was for once noticeable in its absence. Early Thursday morning a large caravan composed of people from town and country with well-filled baskets began moving toward the picnic ground on the Umatilla River west of this city, where all who participated had a most excellent time.

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