A 15-year-old Hermiston male has been charged with firing the weapon in the Oct. 4 drive-by shooting at the Hermiston Plaza.

The boy faces reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and firearms charges. More charges may follow. Hermiston Police Chief Grant Asher said the suspect will likely be lodged in Juvenile Hall in Pendleton.

Hermiston Police Detective Panfilo Rios said the shooting was not directly gang-related, but that the participants in the shooting are “definitely” gang-affiliated.

Rios said the suspect was with two other juveniles and an adult in a van when the weapon ­— a Tech-9, a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol similar to an Uzi — was produced. When the van came to the Highland Avenue entrance to the plaza, the suspect fired three to 10 shots into a crowd of high school students in front of a store. Several members of a rival gang were in the crowd, but Rios said there were other motives involved.

• What really happened last week at Hermiston High School?

Hermiston High School Principal Diana Cutsforth has sent two letters to parents of high school students with information regarding recent incidents of high school violence in Hermiston in an attempt to dispel rumors spreading throughout the community. Calm has returned to the high school, she said, after a turbulent week.


“You’d have to see it to believe it,” says Ron Hudson, well-known area fertilizer dealer and RCA contestant. “... It’s true, I actually saw a man shoot two deer with one shot!”

Hudson goes on to say that he was hunting with a group of ardent hunters out of Pendleton in the Ritter area last Saturday, Oct. 5 when they encountered a herd of deer approximately 400 yards from where the party first entered the breaks of the John Day River. Under Hudson’s direction his group began an immediate stalk of the deer and were within 200 yards when a shot came from their left. As it turned out, another group of hunters were converging on the same herd of deer, with neither party aware of the other’s presence.

Upon examination of the area, two buck deer were found dead only three feet apart, yet only one shot had been fired! Apparently fragments of the bullet emerging from the neck of the first deer entered the skull of the second deer with enough force to bring it down also.


The question as to how far ducks will fly in search of warmer climate during the winter months seems to have found some kind of answer. Just recently Myrnie “Tiny” Caldwell of the Pheasant Cafe received a letter from Pat Hatch, U.S. N. Seabees, who is stationed on one of the islands in the South Pacific area. Pat stated that they had just killed a duck and to their amazement found that the bird was branded “Idaho-1041.”

Caldwell has been instructed to write to Hatch stating to be on the lookout for some Oregon ducks who will probably also fly long distances to escape the bombardment which will be loosed here Friday morning when duck season opens.

• The annual hunting season for pheasants opens in Umatilla County Saturday morning one half hour before sunrise. Although the same enthusiasm has been manifested by loial nimrods as in past years, that spirit has been considerably dampened by the lack of shells and gasoline. Some hunters, with considerable foresight, have several boxes of shotgun shells on hand but others will have to be content with a box or less. In either case there will be less shooting and more careful aiming this year.


In the Herald of Sept. 21 we gave the text of a letter of approval to President Wilson, which was signed by 126 of Hermiston’s citizens before being mailed. It was sent to the Secretary of the Interior Franklin K. Lane with the request he hand it to the president. In response the following communication has been received from Washington:

My dear Mr. Reihl: I have received through the courtesy of Secretary Lane a very gratifying resolution signed by yourself and many other citizens of Hermiston, in approval of my rejection of a recent peace conference proposed by Austria. May I not express to you, and through you your fellow citizens who joined with you in the resolutions, my very warm and grateful appreciation? Sincerely yours, Woodrow Wilson

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