• Hermiston was the hottest spot in the Nation on May 6, 1992, at 99 degrees.

• Irrigon - Celebrating a “ model of cooperation,” the Bonneville Power Administration, joined by five other agencies dedicated the $12 million Umatilla Fish Hatchery during a windy ceremony Friday morning. The new facility, adjacent to the Irrigon Fish Hatchery, will raise steelhead, spring and summer Chinook to help restore fish runs of the Umatilla River. In an unusual cooperative effort, BPA, Morrow county, the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, US Army Corps of Engineers, Oregon Dept., of Fish and Wildlife and the Northwest Power Planning Council, worked together to plan and build the hatchery.

• Eldon Marcum the assistant fire chief for the Stanfield Fire Department and his wife, Diane, donated their house for firefighting training. “I lit it,” Marcum said. “I don’t know if you’d call it arson or not.” Chief Jim Whelan said the firefighters get “valuable practice” from the burn-to-learn exercises. Three firetrucks and a dozen firefighters stand nearby, no attempt is made to save the home. The volunteer firefighters occasionally shoot water onto the advancing flames, but they all know fire will destroy the house.

• Several of Coach Richard Lowry’s tennis players are headed to Districts. HHS “racketeers” who will represent Hermiston are as follows: Maureen Hoggins and Miss Truckositz girls singles; Colleen Hamilton and Kath Owens will be girls team, and Janis Schroth and undecided partner. Boys Singles Dana Martin and Peters. Boys doubles will be Gene Mitchell and Rocky Hays.

• Umatilla gets new Spud sorting plant. The Spada Distributing Co. of Portland is constructing a potato sorting and packaging plant just south of the railroad tracks. The 60-foot by 160-foot aluminum building should be complete my mid May. In addition to the grading and sorting machinery it will house two offices and a small apartment. The local crops should be coming off about the middle of July.

• Temperatures fell to 28 degrees in the Hermiston district Sunday night and many early gardens suffered a severe setback. Considerable damage was reported at the LW Dixson hop ranch where much of the young hops, just recently trained, were killed. Early potatoes and tomatoes also were listed among the casualties. Although May 10th seems late for a killing frost, weather records show that one has appeared as late as June 24.

• Information received on new projects not approved was reported from FC McKenzie from LR Durkee, regional engineer of the Federal Works agency at Seattle, indicated that there is no chance that government funds for a city hall or additional firefighting equipment will be available at the present time. This is due to the scarcity of essential materials and the need of such materials for war purposes .

Sunday morning, Fathers Butler and Killian of the Catholic church were the recipients of a new Ford automobile from the people of the four churches, Hermiston, Umatilla, Stanfield and Echo. While not altogether a surprise, they were not expecting the car at this time. Some time ago the church people told Father Butler that as soon as they could do so an auto would be presented.

• The HHS Graduation Class in 1917 were 10 Seniors: Ruth Chamberlain, Pearl Sullivan, Margret Shotwell, Georgia Skinner, Alice Prann, Cleo Fisher, Alfred Groom, George Prindle (enlisted), Harry Chapman and Carroll Reeves.

• A general meeting of the Hermiston Public Safety organization has been called for next Thursday evening at the Civic Center room.

This meeting is open to not only present members but all in the Hermiston country who believe in standing loyal to the government during the war.

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