A pair of local families were the recipients of a labor of love in the form of heavy-duty spring horses.

The two rocking horses were awarded during a raffle to support a winter event for area foster children and their families.

They were created by Marvin Hamilton and Jason Bremner, both of the Department of Human Services Child Welfare program, Bremner’s son, Gavin Payne; and Lani Hamilton and Tile Poumele, members of the Firestarter Youth Group from The County Church in Hermiston. In addition, parts were donated by the Hermiston Goodwill store.

On Sept. 16, Judge Eva Temple drew the two winners. They included Jessica Moreno, who planned to present the Princess Unicorn Pony to her daughter, Paloma Contreras, for her birthday. The Mini Mustang Pony was taken home by the Al and Michelle Davis family, who have three sons who will enjoy it.

Hamilton said the raffle garnered a total of $640.

The money will be used for the “Foster Child Cabin Fever Event,” which will be held in February 2020. The event, he said, will be bigger and better than the one held in 2019 — thanks to the generous support from the community.

“DHS would like to thank it’s local Morrow and Umatilla county community for your continued support,” Hamilton said. “Thank you for supporting your local children when there is a need.”

For more information or to volunteer during the Feb. 15, 2020 event, contact Hamilton at 541-564-4484 or marvin.hamilton@dhsoha.state.or.us.

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