About six months ago Rev. Michael Kinlock received a call from someone affiliated with Phil Stacey.

Kinlock was familiar with the name. Stacey, who was among the finalists of season six of “American Idol,” is a Christian.

“We watch ‘American Idol’ — not all the time, but I remember that season,” Kinlock said. “He stood out as a great singer.”

When asked if he was interested in having Stacey perform at his church, Kinlock said, “Sure.” And, that was pretty much the extent of the conversation. The gal, Kinlock said, told him he could get any needed information from Stacey’s website.

“We’ve been trying to put Stanfield on the map,” Kinlock said. “This is absolutely one of the most amazing things to happen to us here in Stanfield in the 33 years since I’ve been here.”

Fast-forward five months and Kinlock gets another call to discuss the particulars. He was especially intrigued with how the stars aligned that resulted in someone like Phil Stacey, who lives in Kansas, ends up performing a show in Stanfield.

“I said to the lady, ‘Do you know where we are?’” Kinlock said with a laugh. “We’re really excited and a little nervous at the same time.”

The concert is Wednesday, March 7 at 7 p.m. at Crossroads Community Church, 350 N.W. Sherman St., Stanfield. While there is no admission charge, a freewill offering will be taken to assist with paying for Stacey’s ministry. During this concert trip, Stacey is slated for another Oregon performance — Thursday in Rogue River.

Stacey, who has performed on “Ellen,” “The Tonight Show” and appeared on tours with Michael W. Smith and Natalie Grant, is no stranger to the spotlight. He grew up in a family full of ministers. His father was a preacher, as were both of his grandfathers.

Raised with a mission mindset, Stacey’s parents constantly reminded him through personal council and family devotions that God had a plan for his life. Stacey watched that plan unfold throughout his teenage years as his love for music grew and doors began to open for him to perform. While serving with the U.S. Navy, he was given the opportunity of traveling as the lead vocalist with the Navy Rock Band Pride.

The 2007 “American Idol” appearance provided a boost for Stacey’s music ministry. His 2008 self-titled album subsequently debuted at No. 8 on Billboard’s Country Album Chart. His latest album, “Into the Light,” reached the 27th spot on U.S. Billboard’s Top Christian Albums.

Kinlock is still pinching himself. He’s setting up extra chairs in the church’s sanctuary, but also has a back-up plan in case additional seating is needed.

“To have someone from ‘American Idol’ come to Stanfield is absolutely a miracle,” he said. “I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

For more information about the local performance, call Kinlock at 541-449-3434, 541-449-1251 or visit www.facebook.com/michael.kinlock.3. For more about Stacey, visit www.philstacey.com.

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