Casinos, early holiday shopping, spending time with family and a traditional feast are all among Thanksgiving plans of Hermiston community members this year.

The Hermiston Herald talked with a number of people Monday who were willing to share their individual family traditions for the American holiday.

Linda Coley said she does a traditional Thanksgiving meal every year, complete with turkey, mashed potatoes and more. She said the turkey and mashed potatoes are her personal favorite.

She said she usually has more than 20 people over at her house for dinner and enjoys being with her family.

“We do it with all of the family together,” she said.

Roberta Clark said she and her husband venture to a casino every year for Thanksgiving. She said if they are feeling a little bit more adventurous, they head to a casino a couple of hours away. Otherwise, they go to Wildhorse or Legends casinos.

Clark said since their children are all through college, she enjoys going out for a meal and entertainment.

“There’s no left-overs,” she said with a smile. “We’re big casino buffs.”

Clark said they have been going to casinos every year for probably the last 10 years for the holiday.

Katrina Larsen said she and her husband come from large families, who are spread all over the United States. She said each year they either travel to a family member’s house or have a traditional dinner at their house in Hermiston.

“It’s all about family,” she said. “We have turkey, mashed potatoes. It’s fun.”

Christian Washington and his cousin Devin Moser said they will first enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner at their grandparent’s house in the Tri-Cities before heading over early to catch the early Black Friday sales.

“I’m going to take my dinner to go,” Washington said, joking. “I love it. I love the chaos.”

Both Washington and Moser said they plan to purchase electronics during the biggest sale day of the year, including a Playstation 4 and a flat-screen television.

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