Lightning fires re-ignite with hot weather

Ashland, Ore.-- Firefighters contained a fire that broke out just a mile south of Mt. Ashland with the help of a U.S. Forest Service chopper.

Gary Smith is a Division Chief and said, "Most likely this is a lightning hold over. Fires can sit and skunk as we'd say in the duff and then hide out until we get these hot dry days."

40 firefighters put out the 1/4 acre blaze that Smith said re-ignited Monday. But was originally sparked during last week's lightning storm.

"It's all cutting the fire line and using a helicopter with bucket drops."

And just hours earlier, another helicopter on Kane Creek Road in Central Point. Two acres burned there when a sleep fire re-ignited.

"We have had several fires that started up after it's gotten hot and dry again."

More fires sparked on the east side near Klamath Falls. One at 4 Mile Lake. Another near Crater Lake.

As lightning is expected to strike in the next couple days fire fighters are on their toes.

"Knock on wood.. everyone around us is having large fires and we are able to support those and we also have enough resources here to tackle all the small fires we've been getting with the lightning."

Smith said with more lightning anticipated throughout the week all crews will be on deck. They're even getting help from firefighters in Arizona.

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