A self-described “radical,” the Rev. Dan Lediard has started delivering sermons and conducting 9 a.m. Sunday services at St. John’s Episcopal Church at 665 E. Gladys Ave. in Hermiston.

His wife Jody is also an Episcopalian priest, and she is five years his senior in terms of ordination.

The pair met in Nevada and have been married for more than 40 years.

A former registered nurse, Jody worked in maternal and child health for more than three decades before joining the clergy.

She served as a “missioner” in seven parishes in rural Nevada and has established agreements to supply sacramental needs to churches in Kennewick and Pendleton.

“It’s all about relationships and how we treat each other and all people,” Jody said in reference to her own theology.

Dan said he intends to teach the “three-legged stool” of Episcopalianism to patrons of St. John’s and Sunday School students: scripture, tradition and reason.

As a fourth grader in Florida, a priest told Dan that the church had no room for boys like him — a curious mind had developed a poor reputation, unbeknownst to Dan.

That mind hasn’t quit asking questions, but Dan said he highly regards respect for others’ beliefs.

“The ‘we’re right and you’re wrong’ mentality — we have got to get out of that,” he said, adding that all humans have much to learn about their world and each other.

Jody said people are sometimes afraid to show their inner goodness and their loving side because they’re afraid they’ll get hurt.

“We need to show each other that we can love and be loved,” she said. “That’s why we do the church thing.”

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