Horse sales attracts potential buyers

Three colts are auctioned off late Sunday in the open sale.

By Luke Hegdal

Staff writer

HERMISTON — Horses of every description were sold at the Winter Horse Sale Extravaganza this weekend at the Hermiston livestock auction grounds.

The horse sale is held three times yearly. The winter sale drew horse owners and potential buyers from around the Northwest, and even Canada, as hundreds of animals were auctioned off.

Some buyers were looking for family pets, while others were in search of performance prospects.

"This is a good sale," said Hannah Pulvers from Salem. "It attracts a lot of performance buyers."

Pulvers, a professional trainer, was riding a horse through the auction for a friend of hers. In years past she had also hired herself out to ride other people's horses.

"I've made $500 bucks a weekend as a rider for hire," said Pulvers.

That is as much as some horses sold for on Sunday.

Kaylee Anderson was handling other people's horses as well and said she makes $10 for leading a horse into the auction ring, and $25 for riding.

"I enjoy doing it," said Anderson.

Anderson had led through a miniature shetland and a miniature mule, named Mini Me and Mini Mule respectively.

Another horse trainer, Josh Tankersley, was riding horses for a friend of his.

"I don't know if this horse even has a name," Tankersley said of the buckskin he was riding while waiting in line.

The auction began Friday with a performance session, with riders competing in team roping, cutting, and reigning events to show off the horses' potential. Roughly two-thirds of the horses were quarter horses and paints, though many other breeds were represented, including donkeys and mules.

The next Horse Sale Extravaganza will be held May 18-20. Patti Harrington, manager of the sale, said the spring sale is usually bigger. To register for the sale, contact the Northwest Livestock Auction at

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