May 10, 1994

Hermiston High School students will attend classes on a block schedule starting in the 1995-96 school year.

The school board approved the recommendation by high school Principle Diana Cutsforth on the condition that a finalized format for the scheduling system be approved by the board next year.

Block scheduling would divide the school day into four classes per day, rather than the current seven. Advocates say fewer classes per semester and longer class periods allow students to study subjects with more depth.

2) Seventh-Day Adventists in Nyahururu, Kenya now have a 300-seat church thanks to one of the most efficient construction crews around.

The crew arrived in the city of 200,000 at the end of March and were done less than two weeks later. Even more impressive is the fact that only a few members of the crew are old enough to drive.

Fifty-two young Seventh-Day Adventists from the Northwest, including six from Hermiston Junior Academy, made the trip as part of a mission.


May 8, 1969

Dale Slusher, local manager of Pacific Northwest Bell, says as of Wednesday shortcut dialing of telephone numbers in Umatilla will no longer be possible.

“The addition of more local equipment in our office will make it necessary to dial all seven digits of Umatilla numbers, including the three digit prefix, 922,” says Slusher.

Currently telephone users can dial less than the seven digits and complete a local call, Slusher pointed out, and besides adding more telephone lines and numbers in the Umatilla central office, PNB is also adding more calling paths between Umatilla and Hermiston.

Cost of the work is estimated at $22,000.


May 11, 1944

On Page Four of this issue, Horace Smith of the Hermiston Laundry & Dry Cleaners explains to the people of this vicinity his predicament in having more work than his business can handle. Until recently the laundry force has just barely been able to keep from getting snowed under with regular business.

The climax came last week, however, when the Domestic Laundry of Pendleton announced that it would cease sending a truck to Hermiston. This added load of business also fell to the Hermiston Laundry. Although Mr. Smith is far from discouraged, he will be forced to set up a few regulations in order to cover as much ground as possible.

2) A class of 40 Hermiston High School students will receive their diploma at the annual exercises to be held Thursday, May 18, in the high school auditorium, according to W.G. Kersgergen, superintendent. Baccalaureate services will be held Sunday evening, May 14, also in the auditorium.


May 10, 1919

How many taxpayers are there in Hermiston who are of the opinion that the town should be rebonded for the installation of a new water system? Not many, we venture to say, but were they cognizant of the fact that the present plant is fast eating the heart out of the resources of the community it is possible they would change their minds.

No matter who built the present system, or how it was built, the fact remains that it has deteriorated until now the pipes spring a leak first here and then there, then some part of the pump wears out, and ever and anon expense money rolls out of the city coffers.

Taxes are high enough, all admit, but if the present water system is maintained much longer this town is liable to go properly dry for lack of funds to operate the water system as it now exists.

This was more forcibly brought out at the regular semi-monthly session of the city council Wednesday evening, when, after the clerk had read a great grist of bills, most of which were connected up with operation and maintenance of the water system. A city councilor remarked, “We sure have an expensive city.”

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