Sept. 13, 1994

A small vapor leak was detected in three projectiles containing nerve agent at Umatilla Depot Activity Wednesday.

None of the liquid agent escaped, and there is no danger to the public or to depot personnel, said depot spokesperson Donna Fuzi.

“They found it the day it started,” Fuzi said.

The 155mm projectiles contain Agent GB and are stored in one of the depot’s two igloos designed for leaking ordinance. These igloos are monitored daily.

2) More than half a dozen homes in the upscale Dickerson subdivision west of Hermiston have had to deepen their water wells by as much as 300 feet in the past month.

After his faucets started spitting air, Don Armstrong sunk his well down to 525 feet. He said he is confident the deepened well will last him a lifetime.

“I’m glad it’s just my lawn and not my living,” he said. “I guess I have a little better feel for what our farmers are going through.”


Sept. 11, 1969

A soldier in the army just returned from Vietnam on leave, John Swanson, 22, Umatilla, was arrested in the early hours of Sept. 4 by Officer Greg Pierce of the Hermiston Police Department after receiving information from the Oregon State Police and the FBI that he was suspected of being in possession of large quantities of marijuana.

Police reported that Swanson was found to be in possession of about $900 worth of marijuana, which is believed to have been intended for sale in this area.

2) Mayor Walter Pearson has called for a special meeting of the Hermiston city council for 8 p.m. Monday, Sept. 15, to be held at the C.R.C. The purpose of the meeting will be to decide how to proceed regarding eight paving projects as the result of inflationary costs that have caused bids to be much higher than the city engineer’s original estimates.

City engineer John Morgan informed the council at this week’s meeting Monday that low bid received at the Aug. 25 meeting was $107,873 from Percy Jellum, with Schnell and Kalal bidding $110,139. This is 17% higher than previous estimates made some time ago.


Sept. 14, 1944

J.H. DeMoss of the Columbia district reports that a bomb fell approximately 150 feet from their home last Thursday about 5:45. The missile was apparently dropped by mistake from one of the many bombers flying over this region. The bomb made a hole about three feet deep and three feet wide.

Mr. DeMoss thinks they should be more careful.

2) Bill Roberts, who recently operated the Temple Cafe, states that the Union Club Cafe will open for business Saturday morning. The rooms have been redecorated and new equipment installed.

Mr. Roberts expects to carry a full line of dinners, luncheons, soft drinks and other refreshments.


Sept. 13, 1919

It was paynight for the Hermiston Fire Department at the regular monthly meeting last Monday evening, each member receiving a check from the city for $1, this amount representing the monthly salary of all those who did not renege from their duties during the 30 days prior to that time.

There were only nine members responded to roll call at the meeting, and through that act of disobedience the absent ones will come up minus their one plunk when next payday rolls around, for an absence means forfeiture of the monthly salary.

2) After being on the mat working like tigers for a hammerlock, half-nelson toe and scissor-hold for 24 minutes and 30 seconds, so evenly were they matched, Young Robinson of Portland lost the first fall to Vernon Davis of Pendleton in their wrestling match at the Hermiston Auditorium last Friday evening before a good-sized audience.

Both men were clever, and each tried every trick of the wrestling game in the way of holds to gain the ascendency. The 24 minute struggle for supremacy in the first bout, however, weakened Young Robinson to such an extent that it only took the more strengthy Davis 10 minutes and 55 seconds to pin his shoulders to the mat, thereby gaining the second fall and winning the bout in two straight.

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