April 23, 1996

The issue seemed to come out of nowhere. Umatilla school board members last month started by discussing how to resurface the floor of the high school gymnasium.

Soon, they found themselves talking about mandatory gym shoes. Students should have to wear shoes, they said, which are floor surface-friendly.

Then the discussion shifted to physical education clothes. Could the school strike a deal with a discount store to provide inexpensive shoes and clothes?

And then, in the middle of a confusing conversation between board members, school staff, parents and boosters, someone uttered the word “uniform.”

That was benign enough. Until a board member stopped the discussion to ask, “Are we talking about P.E. uniforms or school uniforms?” Blank stares followed. Then the gears began working again.

School uniforms, it was decided, was an issue best reserved for another — safer — time and place.

“It’s a big issue,” said Toni Hardman, district superintendent.

The April board meeting was set as the time and place. With a quick vote, the board agreed to put two of its members — Bob Mueller and Ken Johnson — on a committee to examine the issue of school uniforms.


April 22, 1971

Hermiston School District 8R will not have a kindergarten in 1971-72.

The School Board unanimously voted Monday night to table consideration of a kindergarten until discussions next year of the 1972-73 budget.

Superintendent Armand O. Larive had said at the March meeting of the board that with the anticipated sharp drop in first grade enrollment next year there could be enough teachers and classroom space for the district to establish a kindergarten with little added cost other than for extra busing and additional equipment. One teacher would be handling 50 children a day in two sessions, a class of 25 in the morning an a class of 25 in the afternoon.


April 25, 1946

With the building for the new Umatilla telephone exchange nearing completion, indications now are that installation of dial central office equipment will get underway next month, according to B.F. Pickett, district manager for Pacific Telephone and Telegraph company.

The building, located on 7th Street between I and J streets, is one story and of brick and frame construction.

If equipment, cables and other materials are delivered on schedule, the new Umatilla dial office should be in operation this summer, Pickett said.

The new telephone exchange will serve telephone users in the Umatilla area, which area is now served through the Hermiston exchange. Initially more than 100 telephones will be connected with the new exchange when it is placed in service.


April 15, 1921

A clean town! Doesn’t our little town look splendid? The men surely did some great work on clean-up day!

Anyway, we have the best bunch of civic spirited men in Hermiston that you’ll find any place, that’s the reason the Community Club voted to go along with the men in keeping Hermiston clean all summer. They call it an anti-fly campaign but that means an anti-filth campaign because f-l-y spells filth.

This is going to be a great drive, so get in line and go over the top with a swatter and swat. Teach the children the game. Dig out breeding places of flies, trap them and then fix all your screens tight, very tight. Should a fly then get by, swat him. The first flies are the important ones, for they are the parents for all that follow.

I am swatting every one I see right now. Hoping you are doing the same.

Yours truly, Mrs. H.M. Schilling

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