April 19, 1994

Witnesses broke up a fight between two teenage girls Wednesday after one student cut the other girl’s face.

Umatilla Police Chief Travis Eynon said details of the incident were unclear, but it appeared to have been spurred by rivalry over a boy.

Witnesses said one girl began to harass the other, who had a small hunting knife in her pocket. As the girls struggled, the one with the knife pulled it out and cut a superficial wound above her assailant’s eye.

A man spotting the incident from his parked car split the two girls apart and took the girl with the knife into McNary Heights Elementary directly across the street.

2) The city’s Community Center Committee is getting ready to kick off a major fundraising drive to finance the remodeling of the new center.

Tim Mabry, coordinator of the fund-raising project, said the group plans to raise between $400,000 and $500,000 for the project.

Remodeling should begin in late summer, city administrator Ed Brookshier said. He said he has an ambitious schedule in mind for the opening of the community center.


April 17, 1969

A veritable bombshell was dropped in the closing minutes of the Hermiston City Council last Monday night as council members were advised by city manager Tom Harper that three Hermiston junior high girls were rushed to Good Shepherd late Monday afternoon by city police officers after they had apparently taken an overdose of barbiturates reportedly furnished by another junior high student.

Hermiston City Police Chief Bob Adams said that school officials advised the police department of the peculiar condition of the three girls around 3 p.m., suspecting drug use, and the children were then rushed to the hospital for treatment.

A junior high boy, reportedly in possession of some of the dangerous drugs, was brought to the police station, then taken to the hospital for treatment after it was discovered that he had also taken some of the barbiturates. A fifth juvenile was taken to the hospital later that day after having admitted to parents that she too had taken some of the pills.

Chief Adam said phenobarbital and several other types of “dangerous” drugs were recovered and an intense investigation is now underway to determine the source of the supply.


April 20, 1944

Only 12 units of a total of 83 now remain unoccupied at Victory Square, according to Mrs. Florence Olmstead, acting manager.

The 12 units are one-bedroom houses and are renting for $27.50 per month. This includes stoves, water heater and water. Mrs. Olmstead stated that workers at the huge Hanford project were inquiring about the houses and that some had already moved in.

Victory Square is now a pleasant little spot with green grass, wide streets, concrete sidewalks and other facilities.


April 19, 1919

Efforts are being made to carry out some of the plans suggested by Miss Lorene Parker on her recent visits here in the interests of the anti-fly campaign.

There is a herd law to keep your neighbor’s cattle from your fields, but we can appeal only to your sense of justice and your civic pride to keep the flies that swarm and breed in filthy places on your place or your neighbor’s, from promenading across babies’ food, leaving in their wake typhoid, tuberculosis, cholera, dysentery and “summer complaint.”

The fly-swatter, even a folded paper, brings sure and sudden death to the fly you stalk from place to place but this method is messy and often a squashed fly falls in unseemly places. There are easier and cleaner methods.

A flyless town is possible. Flies are attracted to your door by cooking odors. Place a fly trap there. They are drawn to your tin can heap. Place a fly trap there and rinse each can before throwing it out.

Hermiston has always gone “over the top” in all she undertakes. You gave three cheers and a tiger for the women of the Civic Club at the Father and Sons’ banquet. Give them such willing and effective support in this crusade.

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