May 3, 1994

Controversy erupted last week when Umatilla residents discovered that a new restaurant planned to feature “exotic dancers.”

Riverside Restaurant and Lounge owners have said there will be topless dancing in the lounge, which opened Friday.

“My view and that of people I have talked to is that this just doesn’t fit in our community,” said Joe McConnell, pastor of Umatilla Baptist Church and a father of several school-aged children.

Other Umatilla ministers, parents and local restaurants have criticized the bar.

2) Several hundred people came to McKenzie Park Sunday to dance, eat and have a good time at Hermiston’s Cinco de Mayo fiesta.

They were treated to live music from two ensembles, Group Carcicia and Banda 660; the crowning of Sirita Hispanidad 1994; and a presentation by Hermiston’s renowned folk dancing group, Quetzalcoatl.


May 1, 1969

Fred Reeves, Hermiston Postmaster, says at least two different publishing firms have been flooding local postal patrons with printed materials in the past 30 days that is, in many cases, highly objectionable to the parties receiving it through the mail.

Reeves advises the public that anyone may have their name taken off the sender’s mailing list by simply filling out and mailing P.U.D. form No. 2150, which is obtainable at any U.S. Post Office.

The literature that has been turned into the post office, says Reeves, has both pictures and words that numerous postal patrons find revolting, and is generally sent as first class mail. Several of the irate patrons have referred to the literature as lewd, obscene and pornographic, says Reeves.

2) Hermiston city officials met with representatives of the Stadeli Pump Company and GATX Corporation last Friday to inspect the work accomplished on the city’s new one million gallon storage tank and adjacent deep well in the south part of town.

The tank has recently been painted, inside and out, and on the exterior boasts the Hermiston Senior High School colors of purple and gold, with a large bulldog painted on the west side of the tank.


May 4, 1944

Margaret E. McCourt, former employee of the Umatilla County Ordnance Depot, has joined the ranks of the women marines. Miss McCourt enlisted April 27 through the Portland recruiting station and is now awaiting orders to report for “boot camp” at Camp Lejeune, N.C. training base of all women marines.

Private McCourt is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George E. McCourt of Stanfield. Her brother, Corporal Francis H. McCourt, is a marine paratrooper. She has been employed at the Ordnance Depot for the past 17 months.

2) A new business enterprise is being launched at Hermiston this week with the establishment of a second hop yard to be known as the Hermiston Seedless Hop Yard No. 2.

What was last week the Joe Baumgartner dairy farm is now being plowed under to make the new yard. It is planned to put in only 25 or 30 acres of hops and during the winder months another 25 acres will be planted.


May 3, 1919

During the month of April Hermiston property has changed hands more rapidly than at any time since the palmy days of the beginning of the town two years ago. It is apparent on every hand that Hermiston has come back.

When the first building boom struck 12 years ago last fall, hundreds of lots were sold and nearly one-half million dollars were invested within less than two years time. During that period not an acre of ground was developed throughout the irrigated district tributary to the town. It was soon found that the town could not develop without agricultural development nearby. Property values came to a standstill. Scarcely a sale was made for years.

But the country for miles around has been developed into prosperous farms and has finally grown beyond the town as far perhaps as the mushroom period grew beyond the country. Conditions in Hermiston have been improving greatly for two or three years, but this spring has witnessed the most positive developments toward future building of the city, which was hoped for years ago.

Not only has farm development added to the resources of the town but the building of the Columbia Highway, on which work is now being done on both sides of Hermiston, has added materially to the confidence of the city’s future.

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