Oct. 11, 1994

School supporters made some digs at the site of the new Hermiston middle school last week.

Not criticism, mind you, but literal dirt tossing as community leaders turned out to celebrate the beginning of construction on the school.

Like many groundbreaking ceremonies, though, a lot of dirt has already been moved on the corner of 10th Street and Diagonal Road.

2) Just when you thought it was not safe to go back into the water, everything seems to be OK.

A decidedly ferocious-looking fish found near the Irrigon fish hatchery two weeks ago has been diagnosed as less dangerous than it looks. Although it bears a striking resemblance to the flesh-eating piranha that has spooked movie-goers for years, the fish appears to be a fruit-eating cousin.

Positive identification is still lacking, but warm water biologists have tentatively tagged the toothy creature as a pacu on the basis of descriptions. Pacu are a sub-species of the piranha family that eat fruit and other plant matter that make their way into South American streams.


Oct. 9, 1969

Two little orphan girls, Melissa and Leanna Turk, ages 5 and 7 respectively, will be under temporary custody of an uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bell, Kent, Wash., as the result of a court order by Umatilla County Circuit Judge Henry Kaye, who appointed the Bells temporary guardians for a period of 90 days. Bell is the brother of the girls’ mother.

The girls were cared for at Umatilla Hospital suffering from shock and exposure after they were found on the Washington side of the Columbia River after the houseboat in which they were occupants capsized Monday night, Sept. 29. They were released from the hospital last Friday.

The body of their mother, Mrs. Marian Turk, washed up on the Washington side near where the girls were found. Their father, James Turk, and another man, Herbert Ramsey, who were on the house boat, are still missing.

The two girls were found, clinging to rocks, by Deputy Sheriff Don McGee and Mike Corbett, a senior at Umatilla High School. Helping in the rescue work were Deputy Sheriff Ralph Tassie and a Umatilla High School senior, Mike Kennedy.


Oct. 12, 1944

Several cases of residents burning leaves and other trash in city streets have been reported. In one case a fire was built in a newly oiled block, causing considerable damage to the new oiled surface.

Mayor F. C. McKenzie stated this week that all practices of burning rubbish in the streets must be stopped at once. While in a scolding mood, citizens once more are urged not to flush rags and other articles down the city sewer as this practice is causing considerable concern.

2) A greater portion of about 75 tons of coal was destroyed in an early Sunday morning fire which completely burned the Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co. coal shed just north of the depot.

Although the cause of the flames has not been definitely determined, it is thought that it was probably started by combustion. Although firemen and others reached the scene, very little could be done because of lack of sufficient hose to reach the flames.

The shed will be rebuilt immediately, according to manager R. A. Brownson.


Oct. 11, 1919

There seems to be no surcrease to the improvement era in Hermiston that began early in the summer, and the work of constructing substantial business buildings and the laying of concrete walks in the residential and business portions goes steadily on.

All this, added to the paving of Main Street, which work will soon be under way, will make Hermiston the hub of all the thriving towns in the west end of the county.

2) With each year that rolls around you celebrate a birthday, but are you positive the day in question is actually the anniversary of the day you were born? Could you go to court, say, and prove the date of your own birth except by your own or parents’ verbal evidence? Is there any record of your birth except in the family Bible?

It is likely there is no other record and that you could not prove the date beyond a reasonable doubt. Why? Because birth registration is comparatively new in the United States.

Because your own birth is not recorded, however, is no good reason why your children should not have the benefits of birth registration.

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