March 15, 1994

Trailblazer fans will soon be able to see their team instead of just hearing them.

The Umatilla Electric Cooperative and Blue Mountain Translator District will be bringing up to five Portland television stations within reach of Umatilla and Morrow County antennas by this summer.

“We’re currently carrying one Portland station — Fox — and we hope to have KGW and KPTV going in the next two weeks,” Ken Johnson of UECA said.

2) It’s time to put away the warm jackets and ear muffs — spring is finally here.

Never mind the calendar, which says that the change of seasons is still a week away, baseball, softball and tennis are here, along with 70-plus degree temperatures.

3) Concluding a sometimes contentious process, the Hermiston Generating Project has the green light to begin construction.

The state’s Energy Facilities Siting Council unanimously approved a site certificate for the cogeneration plant at the end of a two-day meeting last week in Hermiston.


March 13, 1969

Did you know that approximately 2,190 cars travel the short extension of Hermiston Avenue from the railroad tracks to North First Street every 24 hours?

Tom Harper, Hermiston city manager, says the city police have completed a traffic count with the aid of a mechanical counter provided by the State Highway Department and the traffic on this street as well as North First is extremely heavy.

Even more impressive is the fact that traffic counted only in the southbound lane of Highway 32, located directly in front of Bob’s Phillips 66 Service Station, averaged 4,626 vehicles daily. Considering only the southbound traffic was audited, the assumption is that traffic in the northbound lane would be just as heavy, therefore justifying an estimate of approximately 9,000 vehicles every 24 hours.

2) West End law enforcement officers had a busy and disastrous time this past weekend, investigating two burglaries and wrecking a car while pursuing a citizen, reportedly under arrest for driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor.

Umatilla Police Chief Louis Colcord, having arrested a Pasco man, Wesley Perkins, for “driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor,” found it necessary to pursue Perkins, who had jumped back into his vehicle and headed east as Colcord was attempting to flag down another passing motorist as a witness to Perkins’ condition.

The high speed chase ended in a wreck as Perkins reportedly pulled his car across the highway and turned the lights out just east of Sharp’s Corner on Highway 730, causing Colcord to crash into the Perkins vehicle.

Both Perkins and Colcord were taken to the Umatilla hospital for head, chest and shoulder injuries and the police car was a total wreck.


March 16, 1944

First Lt. Robert E. Pierson, son of Mr. and Mrs. K.D. Pierson, arrived here Saturday from the Southwest Pacific area where he has served with the Fifth Air Force Bomber Command for the past year. Lt. Pierson recently completed his 49th mission into enemy territory and has garnered sufficient hours in the air to rate a visit home.

Lt. Pierson enlisted in January, 1941, and completed his flight training in rapid order. Most of his work has been with the B-24’s with his missions taking him mostly into Rabaul and Wewak. Although Lt. Pierson is reluctant to tell of much of his experiences it is known that he has seen considerable action while overseas.

2) Mr. and Mrs. Vern Daugherty of Hermiston were notified by telegram Saturday that their son, Ranger V.E. Daugherty, was reported “lost in action.” Although no definite location was named in the cable, it is known that Daugherty was connected with the Third Bn., U.S. Rangers, which reportedly was leading the attack on the Selerno beach head attack.

Mr. and Mrs. Daugherty left for Portland immediately to seek, if possible, more information through the Red Cross. No word has been heard from them.


March 15, 1919

Monday night at a fairly well-attended meeting of the Hermiston Volunteer Fire Department that organization was disbanded and re-organized into a full-fledged paid fire department. Under its bylaws it will consist of 15 members, and for duty well performed at any type of fire these will be paid a nominal sum from the city’s exchequer. The fire chief, whose selection was ratified by the city council at Tuesday night’s meeting of that body, will soon select his subordinates, and then we can look for practice drills and more efficiency in the department.

2) An eight-reel feature that presents thrilling moments of the great battle in Flanders in such a manner that the harshness of war is softened by the heart interest of romance, will be offered as the chief attraction at the movie theatre in Allen Holubar’s “The Heart of Humanity” in a matinee and two evening shows a week from today. Miss Dorothy Phillips will appear in the principal role.

Mr. Holubar has succeeded in building an impressive film attraction that combines mother love and war in splendid harmony and emphasizes the great work done by the women to relieve the suffering.

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