Aug. 2, 1994

Umatilla County Circuit Court Judge Robert Abrams sentenced Damon Lee Petrie to 35 years and two months for nine felony counts connected to the February assault on Stanfield Police Officer Butch Parrish.

“He’ll be an old man when he gets out,” Deputy District Attorney Robert Hill said.

However, the sentencing will likely go before an Oregon Appeals Court judge.

Petrie was convicted in June of attempted aggravated murder, assault I, escape I, burglary I, being an ex-con in possession of a firearm, two counts of theft I and two counts of auto theft.

2) A 17-year-old Irrigon youth is being held on five counts of attempted murder after a drive-by shooting near Northwest Sixth Street and Madrona Avenue in Hermiston on Sunday night.

There were no injuries.

“We’re getting word from several parties that it’s a gang rivalry,” said Hermiston Police Sgt. Jerry Roberts.

Police said a suspect drove a car that was being followed by a blue Oldsmobile. The passenger in the front car fired at least six rounds from a 9-millimeter semi-automatic pistol at the following car.


July 31, 1969

A haystack fire Friday at the Stone Hereford Ranch in the Butter Creek area burned approximately 500 tons of hay.

The Hermiston fire department responded to the 10:30 a.m. alarm with three trucks, and a mutual aid call brought out one truck from Stanfield and another truck from Echo.

2) Tom Harper, city manager, assured the Hermiston city council Monday night that the Umatilla County Court plans to widen the Experiment Station road, leading south from South First Place, south of Highland Avenue.

Harper’s statement followed a comment by Councilman Stephen Trukositz regarding residents of his ward who expressed the need for a wider road.


Aug. 3, 1944

Three boys were banned by Chief of Police B.J. Nation this week for entering the garage of the Umatilla Electric Cooperative Sunday and destroying five bottles of Prestone and otherwise doing damage.

The boys had placed large nails so that when the truck moved they would enter the tires of the vehicle. Luckily this prank was discovered before the damage was done.

Only one of the youths was from Hermiston, with the other two visitors here.

2) Announcement is being made this week of the sale of the Hermiston Auto Co. by Mr. and Mrs. Merton Ransom of Milton. The details of the sale had been completed some days ago but formal announcement was help up until the changeover had received approval by officials of the Chevrolet concern in Portland, Oakland and Flint, Mich. The deal was effective this week.

Simultaneous with the above news, is the announcement that the Hodges have purchased the Chevrolet agency in Heppner and are moving there this week to assume management.


Aug. 2, 1919

W.E. Kennedy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kennedy, returned home from Tacoma last Sunday, where he has been working the past year and a half in the shipyards. He was one of the first Hermiston boys that tried for enlistment in the Navy when America entered the world war.

He was turned down, however, in the final examination in Portland for being somewhat flat-footed. Nothing daunted, he went and purchased arch supporters, and when he thought he had completely eradicated the flat-foot aspect he made a try for the aviation branch of the service.

Jauntily walking up the hall to the room in which was the officer in charge he airily hailed the gentleman with “I want to enlist in the aviation corps.”

Imagine his surprise and chagrin when that worthy quickly responded: “Nothing doing: I could tell you had flat feet the minute I heard you walking through the hall.”

That settled it for the young man as far as enlistment was concerned, but being determined to work for Uncle Sam in some capacity in the hour of the nation’s struggle for world freedom, he hied to Tacoma and enlisted his services in the building of ships that played such an important part in bringing the war to a successful end.

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