July 19, 1994

What he probably thought would be a normal Thursday turned out to be somewhat eventful for Umatilla Public Works Department lead Bill Cearns.

It began when he pulled a drowning dog from an irrigation canal that runs along the city’s South Hill. Witnesses said the dog promptly left the area upon being deposited on dry land.

“He wasn’t too impressed,” Umatilla Police dispatcher Bernie Roxbury said.

That afternoon, Cearns played a role in apprehending two car thieves who had high-centered their stolen auto in the sand by the Umatilla River.

Not knowing it was stolen, Cearns helped them free the vehicle. However, he seemed to sense all was not right with the two in the car. He called the police and, after some confusion over the license plate number was resolved, the suspects were arrested a short time later.


July 17, 1969

Richard R. Sherman, 38, of Umatilla, was arrested by U.S. marshals Tuesday on charges of violating postal laws to promote a chain letter scheme.

The complaint said Sherman mailed numerous letters promising recipients $8,000. They were asked to send $1 to the top name in the list of four names at the bottom of the letter, send out 20 copies of the letter, delete the top name and put their own in fourth place.

The complaint said all four names on the original letter were Sherman’s aliases.

2) The bodies of George Gilham, 44, a local jeweler, and Jack Duane Inglis, 36, of Spokane, were found Saturday about 13 miles west of Baker near Pine Creek reservoir by Ron Johnson, a Baker fisherman.

The men were found in the wreckage of Gilham’s single engine light plane which crashed May 1 enroute from Baker to Stanpoint, Idaho in dangerous conditions.

An intensive search for the place continued for several weeks after it was reported missing.


July 20, 1944

A definite fuel oil shortage within the next few months is the prospect facing users of the commodity who are advised by the Office of Price Administration to do something about it if they want to avoid heating difficulties next winter. According to the officials of the OPA this is no scare talk but a warning that must be regarded or there may be intense suffering before the winter is over.

Conditions arising from the summer campaign in Europe are direct factors in the announced scarcity. Whether the European conflict ceases by January or February or not, war needs will drain production resources and civilian supplies will be cut. Should the war in Europe come to a close around the first of the year it is said that heavily withdrawals of fuel oil will be made in order to fuel the Atlantic flee for transfer to the Pacific zone.

The OPA advises that people depending upon this type of fuel not delay in using up their surplus coupons from last year as well as going into first period coupons of the new issue and buy all the oil they can store on their premises.


July 19, 1919

S. Norton Bobo, formerly editor of the Stanfield Standard and who will be remembered by many in this city, has been awarded the French Croix de Guerre, according to an announcement made by the Red Cross.

At the outbreak of hostilities Mr. Bobo tried for service under Uncle Sam, but was turned down. Not in the least dismayed, he next turned to the Red Cross and was there more successful. Bobo went ovwerseas a year ago and has not yet returned. Most of his time was spent on the British fighting front and it was in appreciation of service in that section that he received the coveted French decoration.

2) A.C. DeVleming, who has been held in the county jail at Pendleton the past six weeks to await the September grand jury’s action, was released Thursday afternoon upon furnishing $500 in bonds.

His bond was reduced from $750 to $500. DeVleming and his brother were arrested and charged with arson two months ago, following the destruction of their house near here, but the brother raised the bonds after serving a short time in jail.

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