May 17, 1994

Rumors that as many as 40 Hermiston High School students tested positive for the HIV virus in the last blood drive are completely false, an American Red Cross official said.

Although 16 samples were rejected at the last drive, none tested positive for HIV. Samples from 85 people were accepted at that drive.

Nancy Gates, a donor consultant for the American Red Cross, said there are many reasons why blood samples may be deferred. Low iron levels, insufficient samples and hepatitis infections can all disqualify a donation.

There have not been any samples rejected because of HIV in the local area. Gates said HIV rumors are common at high schools across the country.

2) Last weekend’s storm left about 2,800 Umatilla Electric Cooperative members without power. Most of these were concentrated in Morrow County, where lightning strikes left some customers in the dark for five hours.


May 15, 1969

C.N. Picard of 780 W. Pine had a fire in his garage on Friday, apparently caused by a blow torch, and on Tuesday another fire broke out in the garage, this time presumably caused by faulty wiring, says Hermiston Fire Chief Bob Russell.

Ed Lynch, assistant fire chief, fell through the weakened roof over the garage, but reportedly escaped serious injury. Smoke damage to the adjacent home was also incurred in the two fires, with losses estimated at several hundred dollars.

2) Jess Foster, president of the McNary Golf Club, says the newly completed club facilities and the additional nine-hole course will be ready for dedication May 30.

With the addition of the second nine holes, McNary Golf Club will now have the only 18-hole course in Eastern Oregon, and lineal measurement of the entire course is 6,000 yards.


May 18, 1944

By the time this paper gets into the hands of its readers, politicians and their friends will have completed their campaigns and the fate of the participants will be entirely in the hands of the voters. Although a light vote was predicted some weeks ago, last minute whirlwind campaigns have created considerable interest and it is thought that at least 50 percent of the voters will go to the polls Friday.

In Hermiston voters in Precinct 32 (west of First Street) will vote in the Jens Skovbo building near his honey house north of the Tum-A-Lum. Precinct 33 voters (east of First Street) will vote in the basement of the library.

2) Numerous reports during the past several months have reached the Herald office of the general practice of dumping dead animals, or parts thereof, on public roads and highways. The most recent incident occurred on Rt. 2 Echo, and farmers in that area are quite disturbed over the matter.

Such a practice is strictly against the law and violators will be prosecuted.


May 17, 1919

Broad smiles illuminated the faces of all members of the Hermiston paid fire department at the regular monthly meeting last Monday evening when secretary R.A. Brownson delivered to them checks for their month’s salary. This was the first pay day for the firemen under the new system of a paid fire department.

After routine work of the meeting was finished, a motion prevailed that the department have another fire drill, and Chief Kingsley has designated next Tuesday evening at 8 o’clock as the time for the drill and requests that every member be on hand to take part.

2) The bill authorizing $2.5 million Roosevelt highway bonds is conditioned upon government putting up a like amount.

This means that Oregon would get a $5 million road if the people vote the bonds and the automobile license would take care of Oregon’s share. Millions of acres of new country would be opened up and Oregon would have a coast defense road connecting the ones being built by Washington and California.

Good judgment and not sectional jealousies should guide the voters in this election.

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