Dec. 31, 1996

Hermiston research agronomist Dan Hane had the incredible chance to climb one of Nepal’s famous mountains, and he got all the way to the top!

His group of 12 fellow climbers spent four weeks in the steep mountain range in Nepal. They carried all their own personal gear during the climb, and though they were conditioned for the excursion, the lack of oxygen made the pace slow and tedious. “I’d take a step or two then stop,” explained Hane. They persevered, getting up at 3 a.m. to complete the final leg, and reached the 20,302-foot summit. It was only 10 degrees, but “we were lucky,” said Hane, “It was a clear, sunny and windless day.” Seven out of the 12 attempted the hike, with two turning back — meaning five reached the top.

This climbing trip was Hane’s first one outside the U.S., and now he can add Mount Imja Tse to his list of accomplished climbs, which includes Mount Hood, Rainier, Shasta and Adams. The cost, including airfare, reached approximately $5,000. However, “that’s what I do for entertainment,” Hane said.


Dec. 30, 1971

Girls throughout Umatilla County are encouraged to consider participating in the Miss Umatilla County Beauty Pageant, which will be experiencing some improvements.

Ron Stevenson, Hermiston Jaycee chairman for the pageant, said the Jaycees intend to be more inclusive by welcoming areas not previously represented, increase the $2,500 budget and award a $250 scholarship and $150 wardrobe to the winner. Miss Umatilla County of 1971-72, Janet Hopkins, is a 20-year old sophomore and speech pathology major at the University of Oregon. She said her reign consisted of speaking to booster clubs and cutting ribbons, claiming that “speaking, especially to boost the Miss Umatilla County Program, was the best part.”

The 1972 Miss Umatilla County Beauty Pageant is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Feb. 19 in the Hermiston Junior High School Auditorium. Any single girl between ages 18 and 28 living in Umatilla County is eligibleand encouraged to join in the contest.


Jan. 2, 1947

The federal civil services announced job offerings as radio mechanics for Puget Sound, with salaries ranging from $10.56 to $11.52 per diem (quite a lot in 1947).

People desiring this position must pass an examination, which will lead to probational appointment. If they’re hoping for a permanent position, they’ll have the opportunity to file for a civil service examination leading to probationary appointments with permanent classified civil status. Applicants must be between ages 18 and 62, and have to turn in their application by Jan. 8, 1947.

According to Postmaster Wm. E. Logan, the amount of Christmas mail nearly doubled from last year. Approximately 60,000 letters, cards and other first-class mail was processed at the Hermiston Post Office. Imagine how stressful that was for the postal workers! The amount of Christmas parcels was about the same as last year, and overseas packages were quite a bit fewer — which makes sense in wartime.


Dec. 29, 1921

Arlington and Boardman have proposed creating a new county by separating the northern sections of Morrow and Gilliam counties.

They claim that the counties are too big to be efficiently governed, and the northern ends are so remote and far from the seats of government that they aren’t represented properly. For instance, the Boardman hay section was upset because the remainder of Morrow County, being invested in livestock, was interested in cheap hay.

Arlington is approximately 38 miles from Condon, the seat of Gilliam County, and Boardman is about 43 miles from Heppner, Morrow County’s seat of government. Arlington believes it should be the seat of government for the new county, claiming it has superior location and is the largest town in the proposed new county limits. However, if a new county is to be established, it is believed that Boardman would have strong claims to the county’s seat of government.

It looks like most of these issues have been resolved, though, because both Morrow and Gilliam counties still reach north to the Columbia River.


McKenzie Rose, a sophomore at Echo High School, searched Hermiston Herald archives to compile these article summaries.

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