July 26, 1994

The Salvation Army Thrift Store in Hermiston will be closing its doors at the end of this year.

Lt. John Watson, of the organization’s Pendleton office, said sagging sales are to blame.

“We don’t have enough money coming in that store to keep it going,” Watson said.

He said the store has to make $500 or more a day to remain viable. It is averaging less than $300.

Watson attributed the lack of sales to several factors, including too little parking and restrictions on signage.


July 24, 1969

The first men on the moon completed an historic scientific investigation Sunday night in a two-hour program which extended man’s physical science frontier to another planet.

Neil Armstrong, a test pilot’s pilot, and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, a doctor of science, scooped up 62 pounds of moon soil for analysis back on earth, set up two key experiments which began work immediately and proved that human investigators can operate efficiently on the lunar surface.

The small moonquake detector they set up began to register what appeared to be seismic activity as soon as the opened up its solar panels. A few minutes after they deployed a Laser mirror, astronomers at the Lick Observatory in California shot a beam of ruby light up to it and reported successful reflection.

It was the most remarkable and successful scientific expedition in the annals of science, equalling the technological achievement of the landing itself. It put Project Apollo in a new framework — as a transport system that would enable man to visit and explore the solar system.

At 10:56 p.m. EDT, Armstrong stood on the lunar soil which looked like powdered charcoal and he said:

“Here’s one small step for man and one giant step for mankind.”


July 27, 1944

The intensity of the assault on the war fronts following D-Day was brought closer to home this week by the announcement of injuries to two of Hermiston’s “home boys.” Last week news of the fact that Lt. Alfred Emert, son of Mrs. W.A. Emert, is missing over France also shocked the community.

Sgt. W.C. (Chester) Dyer, USMC, son of Mr. and Mrs. Waldo G. Dyer of Hermiston, who landed under heavy fire on D-Day and was wounded at Saipan, after 10 days of almost continuous fighting on the front lines, writes: “We had heavy casualties on the beach. The Japanese covered the area with mortar and machine gun fire, mowing down many of the men in the first two waves.

“Mine was supposed to be a reserve outfit, but the fighting was so tough that we were in the advance ranks continuously. I was wounded on D-Day plus nine. I had been relieved and was catching some sleep. I awoke with a start and found a Japanese officers five yards from me trying to sneak behind our lines. I had no weapon, but I challenged him instinctively and warned my buddies.

“He fired with his revolver and hit me once. He ran and dropped a couple more hand grenades, wounding another Marine, but rifle fire killed him a second later.”

Sgt. Dyer is now in the San Diego Naval Hospital for medical care. He is suffering from a pistol shot which entered his right side and came out his left, piercing his abdomen.


July 26, 1919

The long dry spell this season has worked a hardship on the water being used for domestic purposes, it being mainly the cause for impurities appearing therein.

This was shown from an analysis of a sample recently sent to the state board of health by Water Superintendent Crandall at the request of the city council. As a result of this, City Recorder Jensen this week sent out notices to all domestic water users to use precautionary measures by boiling water before using.

It is not expected that this will have to be continued long, as it is presumed that with the first good rain atmospheric conditions will undergo a change that will clarify the water and keep in pure from the reservoir. But for the present everyone should follow the advice of the city recorder and boil water.

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