Feb. 1, 1994

There’s nothing like a little Egyptian baseball to bring a school together.

Though it is not likely to become an Olympic sport any time soon, about 60 Hermiston High School students were putting all they had into the game.

“We have the goofiest games,” Jose Hernandez, the game’s creator, said. “We make them as goofy as possible.”

However, neither Hernandez nor the students were interested in goofiness for goofiness’ sake. Hernandez, a gang prevention officer, has serious motives. the games are an important part of his method of creating a bond between people who may not otherwise trust each other.

The game gives the group a common goal, and gives him an opportunity for him to check his work. The group of students has been working together to solve problems of racism and violence at the school and in the community for most of the year.


Jan. 30, 1969

The Hermiston City Council was in a garrulous, convivial mood during their Wednesday evening meeting as they consumed a varied agenda with much gusto and dispatch.

The areas covered by the council ranged from railroad crossings to mail service, with each subject taking its turn in running the gauntlet of close scrutiny by the city officials as they disposed of individual problems brought to their attention.

Approximately 103 new parking meters will be installed in Hermiston after July 1, as the city replaces the present automatic machines with the less troublesome manual units that will cost $55 each (with trade) and should be self-monetizing at the rate of $2 per month. The new meters will no longer take pennies, with nickels being the smallest denomination now acceptable.

The council decided that the regular meeting date of Wednesday would be changed to Monday, thus allowing the Hermiston Herald an opportunity to publish the news of the council meetings in the same week the meetings are held.


Feb. 3, 1944

One of the boldest robberies locally in some time was successful early Sunday morning when entrance was made into Hale’s Confectionary & Sporting Goods store through a broken glass in the front door. The pane in the door was broken accidentally Saturday evening and was boarded up by the management.

Sam Nye, proprietor, reports that he left the concern about 4:30 a.m. and the theft was noticed when employees came to work early Sunday morning. Mr. Nye reports that about $1,020 in cash was taken.

2) It is now estimated that the war that was started by Germany will cost the world between $600 and $800 billion, besides the loss of life and the misery that is to follow. The damage to all other conquered territories is figured at about $20 billion. To restore Russian alone to prewar condition will take the labor of 10 million Germans working for 10 years. The cost is so stupendous that statesmen and economists are beginning to figure out what Germany and Japan should pay.

To take their countries from them and destroy their national existence would not pay the bill. Germany was assessed $32 billion after World War I but paid only $9 billion but could have paid more if she had not been permitted to spend her resources for 10 years in preparation for WWII. After that war Germany was unimpaired. Now it will be practically destroyed in physical wealth, at least if the war continues as long as predicted. She will also have millions of wounded, helpless and destroyed men. Japan will be helpless, and Italy will be a liability. In fact, all will be a liability to the recovery of civilization.

This nation will not expect much in war penalties. It may in a course of years receive something from lend lease. Doubtful. Our only recompense will be in saving the freedoms of the world and, if possible, reducing the enemy countries to second and third rate nations to such a degree that they can never rise again to involve the world in another such carnage.


Feb. 1, 1919

Who knows of a man that has a folding bed in his home in this town? Well, it doesn’t matter, only if you knew, this story would be all the funnier.

Late one night recently one of our local carpenters was awakened by the violent ringing of his telephone, and in giving the conversation that ensued between himself and the little lady on the other end of the wire we will have to use fictitious names, in accordance with our promise to the carpenter to have him appear incognito in this joke.

“Is that you, Mr. Johnson?” asked the small voice of a little girl. “This is Amy Jones. Mother wants you to come around right away and bring your tools. Father has met with an accident.”

“You have made a mistake Amy,” replied the carpenter on hearing the word “accident.” “You want the doctor.”

“You are the man we want, Mr. Johnson,” insisted the childish voice. “Father is shut up in the folding bed.”

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