Jan. 18, 1994

An odd-looking truck transporting high-level radioactive materials to Hanford will be coming within a few miles of Hermiston.

The truck is the only one of its kind in the nation. It is approved to carry capsules of Cesium-137 from a medical sterilization facility near Denver to the Waste Encapsulation and Storage Facility at Hanford.

Officials from both the Oregon Department of Energy and Westinghouse Hanford said the shipping is being conducted in a safe manner.

Judy Graybeal, of Westinghouse Hanford, said the 15-ton, double-walled cask that protects the capsules is practically impervious to accidents.

“That thing could run down a cliff, and nothing would happen to it,” she said.

2) The Port of Umatilla named Kim Puzey as the new manager of the port last week. He will start on Feb. 1.

Puzey brings with him more than 15 years of experience in the field of economic development, most recently for Roosevelt County, N.M.

Port Commission President Woody Starrett said Puzey’s enthusiasm and his track record in development — particularly his dominant role in the introduction of Midland Dairies to New Mexico — impressed him and other commissioners.


Jan. 16, 1969

The Hermiston Neighborhood Center faces possible closure as a result of action being taken by the regional Office of Economic Opportunity in San Fransisco, Calif. last week.

The OEO officials are unhappy with the way the Blue Mountain Economic Development Council has failed to comply with OEO regulations in administering the local two-county (Morrow and Umatilla) program.

OEO has specifically accused the BMEDC of not only failing to turn in an audit and an outside evaluation of the group’s activities during December, but is also failing to comply with Rep. Edith Green’s legislative amendment to the Eastern Oregon program which, in part, specifies that major committees must appoint one-third of their governing boards from local officials who are elected and one-third from members of the community who are themselves poor.

2) Hermiston city manager Tom Harper advised the Herald that Hermiston’s official census, based on figures compiled annually by the Center for Population Research and Census at Portland State College, now credits the city with a population of 5,300 ... an increase from 5,100 this past year.


Jan. 20, 1944

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hamm were greatly relieved this week to receive word from their son, Pfc. David Hamm, who is with the Marine Raiders, Commando group. His attachment was among the first to land on Bouganville, about Nov. 1.

He writes that he now knows what the jack rabbits around here felt like when “David” was on the loose with his trusty .22.

Since Christmas the boys have been receiving one hot meal a day. They have been experiencing earthquakes quite regularly at Bouganville, the largest in the Solomon Island group, which has several active volcanoes.

He states that Garth Clark, Guy Clark and Bud McCourt, all of Stanfield, are near him on Bouganville and that all are in fine shape. He asked his parents not to worry. A radio broadcast hear since the arrival of the letter indicated that the marines who originally landed on Bourganville have been taken to a rest camp.


Jan. 18, 1919

Temporarily unbalanced from an attack of the flu, George Parsons, a bachelor rancher south of town, loomed up on the streets of Hermiston early Sunday morning all decked out in battle array. He was first discovered by early risers pacing back and forth with a rifle in each hand and a fearsome look in his eyes.

A citizen induced him to part with his rifles, and afterwards got him to go into the Hotel Oregon to get warm, he apparently being half frozen from an all night vigil looking for an imaginary enemy, whom he accused of shooting at him and his horses at his place the night before.

Later he was taken from his home and given medical treatment, and Monday he was moved downtown in order to be close and receive proper treatment. Since then he has begun to show signs of regaining his normal condition.

2) The United States is now a dry nation, the necessary thirty-six states to ratify the federal constitutional amendment for prohibition having been secured by Nebraska voting for it Thursday.

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