April 26, 1994

International food processing giant ConAgra announced last week that it would purchase Universal Frozen Foods for an undisclosed price.

Parent company Universal Foods Corporation will receive a cash payment that reflects a premium over the food processor’s book value, according to company news releases.

The sale of Universal Frozen Foods, which produces frozen potatoes for domestic and international markets, is expected to close June 1.

Purchaser ConAgra will add Universal Frozen Foods to an already large base of food processing facilities around the world.

2) Ed Brookshier, Hermiston’s city administrator, received praise Monday from Mayor Frank Harkenrider and city council members for refusing his 7 percent salary increase.

In a letter to city councilors, Brookshier said he was unwilling to accept more than the 3 percent increase that other city workers were receiving.

“He puts others above himself,” Harkenrider said. “He is worth the money.”


April 24, 1969

An intense investigation by the Hermiston Police Department has disclosed that the source of barbiturate drugs taken in large doses by five Hermiston junior high students last week was traced to a civil defense first aid supply kit kept at the school, according to Police Chief Bob Adams.

The five juveniles, four girls and one boy, were rushed to Good Shepherd hospital late Monday afternoon, April 14, and have all now been released from the hospital, Adams said.

In an official news release, Adams said his department learned from one of the girls involved in the case that she had complained of a headache while at school Monday afternoon, and while reclining on the cot in the junior high sick room noticed the civil defense kit and its list of contents.

Upon seeing the word “phenobarbital” she removed the bottle of drugs from its larger container and replaced the cardboard carton in its original shape, thus eliminating any suspicion that the kit had been opened.

According to Adams, she then took a small quantity of these pills at this time and then shortly thereafter left the sick room where she contacted the other students and distributed the pills liberally to the other four children.


April 27, 1944

Mr. and Mrs. George Harris have received a letter from their son, Wayne Harris, stating that he recently had a four-day visit with his brother George, who is stationed aboard another ship. Wayne states that his ship was tied alongside that of his brother’s and when they first met they were quite surprised.

Wayne writes that they are both in good health and seemingly enjoying their work. While the two ships were tied up alongside, several U.S.O. shows were seen and other entertainment enjoyed.

2) A ray of hope that Technical Sergeant Vern Daugherty Jr. may be alive and well was received via a postal card Thursday morning by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Daugherty. Tech Sgt. Daugherty was recently reported “lost in action” while a member of an American Ranger battalion in action in the Italian battlefront.

The postal card came from Mrs. C. P. Skilton of Carbondale, Penn., a member of a short wave amateur radio club. The card stated, “A message addressed to you was read this evening on a shortwave radio broadcast from Berlin. In effect, it stated: “Dear Folks, I am well and feeling fine. This is my address, Stalog 2-B. Contact Red Cross for information about sending me packages. All my love.” The message was signed Bernard but it is thought that it might have been mistaken for Vernon. The parents’ address was correct.


April 26, 1919

The Rev. Jones of Baker spoke before the high school and upper grades last Tuesday. His talk was chiefly an appeal to the boys and girls to get to the top of the ladder.

He said in part: “The great thing in life is to be well-bred, not rich, but well trained in manners, in humbleness of heart. Never lose an opportunity to advance.”

For example he gave Abraham Lincoln whom he believes to have been a product of reflection and meditation. Knowledge is power; knowledge never amounts to anything until one has a higher, ideal personality that dominates and controls us. Never take a failure as a model, take a success in life. The chief aim in life is to render an unselfish service to the world.

The talk was greatly enjoyed and appreciated by all the students.

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