Sept. 5, 1995

For a casual lunch, take time out for a taco.

Assistant girl’s soccer coach for Hermiston High School and a reserve police officer for the Stanfield Police Department, Danny Perez, helps run his family owned taco stand El Tapatio.

“This is the stand I always go to,” said Jennifer Albert, as she picked up two beef tacos.

Danny’s father, Benito Perez, began four years ago selling from his taco stand located on the lot behind Bob’s Red Apple. Bob Severson, owner of the grocery store, doesn’t charge the Perez family rent.

“We have an agreement,” Danny said. “We can park here if we buy our produce from Bob.”

Danny enjoys his job.

“I get to meet different people, help people and make friends,” he said, adding, “Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the customers.”


Sept. 3, 1970

Labor Day has historically served as an occasion for putting into perspective the progress of the American worker. Perspective requires examination of where we have been, where we are, and where we are trying to go. Although William B. Wilson, the first Secretary of Labor in his first Labor Day statement, characterized the labor movement broadly as “humanity itself,” it is doubtful that even he could have imagined the impact that the march of American Labor would have on the social and economic history of the United States.

Progress has been real and dramatic. This progress could not have been achieved without the personal commitment of thousands of enlightened men and women of widely varied backgrounds who not only believed in a better way, but in their obligation to help bring it about. As has so often marked the course of human events, removal of one set of barriers to progress has revealed the existence of yet other obstacles hidden only by earlier preoccupations. In improving the lot of the American worker we clearly have not run out of challenges.


Sept. 6, 1945

From an advertisement in the Hermiston Herald:

Shell’s new gasoline — Capable of more power than your car has ever known.

Now released!

New Shell Premium Gasoline became possible the moment the Armed Forces released our stocks of aviation fuel. New Shell Premium Gasoline is the best gasoline we have ever made. Today it is in thousands of Shell pumps …thousands more are receiving it daily. New Shell Premium grew out of Shell research — the same research that first delivered the “makings” of 100 Octane gasoline. New Shell Premium comes to you as a practical benefit of that research. And at no increase in cost.

You are invited to fill your tank with New Shell Premium today and from now on. Shell makes this invitation knowing that you have never had so much power at your command. If you are, however, a user of “regular” grade … Shell Gasoline is also a new gasoline today — definitely improved even over the Shell Gasoline of “before the war.” Come in and try it.


Aug. 27, 1920

The golf bug has a sad face. He is plainly out of sorts. Something is the matter with him. He has just come from the doctor’s office where he has undergone a thorough physical examination. He is sore and depressed, but not from what the doctor found, but from what he refused to find.

“You are all right,” said the learned physician. “You are as sound as a nut.”

That was a little joke the golf bug did not enjoy.

“Are you sure that I am in first class condition?” he asked.


“Is my blood pressure normal?”


“Heart regular?”

“Heart OK.”

“Lungs clear?”

“As a bell.”

“Liver in good working order?”


“No trace of neuritis?”

“Not a bit.”

“Am I not bordering on a nervous breakdown?”

“See no indication of it.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry, man; what for?”

“I thought surely you’d dig up some good excuse for me to go away. Now I’ll have to be honest and say I’m going South simply because I want to play golf.”

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