25 YEARS AGO April 5, 1994

Hermiston’s new auto impound ordinance is working very well, Police Chief Grant Asher said.

“So far, we haven’t had too many problems,” he said. “As word gets out on the street that the cops will tow you for no insurance, it’s going to make one or two go and get insurance.”

The ordinance allows the city to impound a car if the driver lacks insurance or a valid driver’s license.

Though it was passed several months ago, police started enforcing the ordinance less than a month ago, he said.

“We’ve towed about 20 of them,” Asher said. “We’re towing about one a day.”

50 YEARS AGO April 3, 1969

Jack Stewart, formerly associated with the family chain of Stewart’s supermarkets in Umatilla County, has purchased Ole’s Dine and Dance Club on South First Street.

The club, named Ole’s after the former owner, Hayden Olson, has been at its present location for over two decades, and was known as the Vet’s Club before Olson took over the business approximately 20 years ago.

Stewart, who has been in the wholesale food distributing business the past six years in Arizona, said he has no immediate remodeling plans for the business which presently contains approximately 4,000 square feet of floor space.

75 YEARS AGO April 6, 1944

Members of the Hermiston American Legion Auxiliary have contributed $10 toward the purchase of two clubmobiles which are special trucks equipped to carry “creature comforts” to the men on the front lines. The money has been sent to the state office which in turn will be forwarded to the national auxiliary office. A total of $948 has been contributed by 78 auxiliaries in Oregon.

It will cost $21,000 to finance one Clubmobile Unit per year and the national auxiliary is planning to purchase two of these affairs. These specially-equipped trucks carry cigarettes, doughnuts, coffee, candy, writing material, phonograph music, etc. to the men who are fighting at the front.

2) Irrigation water in Hermiston will be started this weekend west of the tracks but east-siders will have to wait until next week when workers will complete extensive repairs on the “K” line just east of town.

The prospects for sufficient water on this project are quite bright but the outlook in many other parts of eastern Oregon is quite dismal due to the light snowfall and other precipitation in the mountains this winter. Especially discouraging is the situation on Butter Creek, where the flow is expected to be far below normal.

100 YEARS AGO April 5, 1919

The lure of spending an enjoyable evening attending a Hawaiian troupe show in Echo Tuesday evening was the reason for a couple of Hermiston’s charming young ladies and two prominent local men engaging to make up a theatre party. At the appointed hour for departure the girls, all primped and dressed in their best raiment, sat in the parlor of the parental home — and there they sat for an hour awaiting the appearance of their escorts.

Imagine their chagrin and consternation when the Beau Brommells appeared and informed them that they had been unable to secure an auto after having scoured the town for an hour in an endeavor to get one.

The sorrow of the swains over not being able to fulfill their part of the agreement counted for naught with the now-haughty young ladies, who at once surmised that they were the recipients of an April Fool’s joke, and on the spur of an angry moment bade the two crestfallen young men harken to the voice of wisdom and betake themselves from their presence.

But they — the girls — are sorry now, for since then they have discovered that the penitents were telling the truth, and as a result steps are now being taken by a few matchmakers to have the dove of peace hover once again over these forlorn couples.

2) Minors will from now on run chances of being arrested if they are caught smoking cigarettes. This is a warning issued by Chief of Police Crandall, who was instructed by the council at the meeting last Wednesday evening to enforce the state law after Rev. Gallaher had appeared before that body and entered complaint against allowing the continuance of this habit among the youngsters of the community.

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