By Luke Hegdal

Staff writer

HERMISTON — Hermiston has got talent. Eighteen groups of various ages proved that Saturday night in front of a packed house at the high school auditorium.

The Hermiston's Got Talent Show, sponsored by Agape House, and put together by Jordawn and John Wambeke, continued Betty Noack's Hermiston Varieties show which spanned a decade.

"I think it's great," said Leona Harper of The Has-Been Wannabees of the Agape House taking over the show.

According to members of the group, the Hermiston's Got Talent Show was the largest audience they have performed in front of.

"I couldn't tell how many people were out there," Doris Pitzer said.

The Has-Been Wannabees won second place in the Adult bracket with vocal renditions of "Mr. Sandman" and "Long Black Train."

The show included a wide array of music from contemporary to classical, and gave contestants a shot at winning $200.

In the adult division, Ken Morris won first place singing "Midnight in Montgomery."

Hermiston High's jazz choir, Majazzty, won second place in the high school division with an a capella version of Chili Con Carne, while Jessica St. Hilaire won first place with a selection from The Phantom of the Opera's "Think of Me."

St. Hilaire also won the People's Choice award for her performance.

"I was so nervous," St. Hilaire said. "Once I got out there it was just fun."

In the middle school division, Nathan Lind won second place with "El Paso," and Emily Campagna won first place singing "Texas Serenade," and "Kentucky Waltz."

In the elementary class, Natalie Pope won second with "Freak Out," and Dustin Goldie won first with a guitar solo of "Wipe Out."

"It really made me very pleased to see all the people who came out," said Dave Hughes, director of Agape House. "We'll definitely be back next year."

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