A Umatilla County sheriff’s deputy who responded to a disturbance near Hermiston last week ended up in a fight for his life, the sheriff’s office reported Wednesday, and his attacker now faces two counts of attempted aggravated murder.

Residents of 81371 N. Golda Road, Hermiston, called emergency dispatchers Nov. 5 at 9:08 a.m. to report that Timothy Jeremiah Copenhaver, 25, who also lived there, was arguing with them and causing a disturbance.

Deputy Mike Smith arrived before 10 a.m., and during his investigation found Copenhaver had arrest warrants from Ada County, Idaho, and Klamath Falls, undersheriff Jim Littlefield said in the written statement.

Smith tried to arrest Copenhaver, but he resisted and attacked Smith, according to Littlefield’s statement, and tried to remove Smith’s gun from his holster. Copenhaver also threatened several times to kill Smith.

“Deputy Smith was in a violent struggle with Copenhaver for several minutes and successfully protected his weapon until Oregon State Police Sgt. Seth Cooney arrived,” Littlefield reported.

Even then Copenhaver fought for Smith’s gun while threatening to kill both officers, Littlefield said. Cooney then shot Copenhaver with a stun gun, which incapacitated him. The officers cuffed him and took him to jail.

The Umatilla County District Attorneys Office charged Copenhaver with two counts of attempted aggravated murder Tuesday in circuit court in Hermiston. Copenhaver pleaded not guilty. Circuit Court Judge Dan Hill of the 6th Judicial District set Copenhaver’s bail at $500,000. His next court appearance is Monday at 8:15 a.m. before Hill. The Hermiston Police Department agreed to investigate the incident because it involves a sheriff’s deputy and state police sergeant.

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