Hermiston growth leads the way

Hermiston's population has grown 2.5 percent over the past year which is reflected in increased new home construction. In 2006, 100 single-family dwellings and mobile homes and 60 multi-family dwellings were built .

By Karen Hutchinson-Talaski

Staff writer

HERMISTON — New businesses opening and homes being built left and right in Hermiston are a sure sign that the city is continuing to grow.

Recent population figures for Hermiston confirmed that. According to preliminary estimates from Portland State University Population Research Center, Hermiston's population grew by 387 people in the past year — an increase of 2.5 percent, from 15,025 to 15,412. Pendleton, still has more people at 17,310 — however, the 1,600-bed Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution is included in their population count.

According to Hermiston City Planner Clint Spencer, Hermiston had 100 single-family and mobile homes and 60 multi-family dwellings built or set up in 2006 — all of which makes Hermiston the fastest growing city in Eastern Oregon.

Pendleton, on the other hand, increased their population by 285 but only built 38 single- and multi-family dwellings and three mobile homes.

Towns in the west end of Umatilla County all had population increases although not as dramatic as Hermiston's increase.

Echo increased by 10 people;from 695 in 2005 to 705 in 2006. Stanfield's population increased from 2,150 to 2,155, and Umatilla's increase was 15 — from 6,370 to 6,385.

In Morrow County, Irrigon increased population by 5, going from 1,790 to 1,795; while Boardman's population remained the same — 3,175.

City population estimates are based on changes in the housing stock.

Each year, city officials report on how many single- and multi-family dwellings are built, how many mobile homes are put in and the number of people living in group quarters, such as assisted living facilities, prisons and resident care facilities and shelter homes.

PSU takes that information and calculates the number of people per housing unit and use the information to prepare the city's final population estimate.

The results of the estimate will be certified Dec. 15.

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