Hermiston dance teams place 2nd, 3rd at competition

Dance Unlimited's Charisma won third place in the Small Junior category on Saturday.

By Luke Hegdal

Staff writer

PENDLETON — Hermiston dancers performed well at the 20th annual Hearts in Motion dance competition held at Pendleton High School Saturday.

The competition featured more that 20 teams in a variety of age groups from around the state. Dancers filled fully half the bleachers with a glittering kaleidoscope of color.

Hermiston High's dance team Stardust placed second in the Small High School category with a latin-themed dance.

Coach Rachel Pfeifer said they chose a latin theme this year in an effort to stay away from some of the more commonly-used music.

"I really try to come up with a new theme every year," said Pfeifer. "Something people haven't heard before."

In addition to the second-place trophy, Stardust team member Alex Thompson also received a Super Sensational Dancer award.

Hermiston's Dance Unlimited sent two teams coached by Jackie Peterson to the meet, as well. Charisma, the middle school dance team coached by Peterson, placed third in the Small Junior category.

Charisma team member Ashley Delgado also received a Super Sensational Dancer award.

Peterson's grade school-age team, Mystique, also did well at the competition. The grade school dancers, however, didn't compete against each other.

Cassie Brown received a Super Sensational Dancer award, and her team was awarded a "red" placement. The designation is similar to silver in Olympic competition.

In addition to the competition, several exhibition dance teams performed, including Universal Dance Association National Champion Teams.

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