Anyone considering dusting off a bicycle and heading outside this year should look into “Taking It To the Streets: Safe Cycling in Hermiston,” a class being offered May 19 at Good Shepherd Medical Center.

Geared toward adult beginners and intermediate riders, the class will give participants information and encouragement to begin or return to cycling.

“The purpose of this class is really to encourage people who haven’t been biking or who haven’t done it seriously,” health education director Juli Gregory said. “It’s about having fun and being safe.”

Ken Gummer, an active long-distance cyclist, will lead the class, which will cover the basic rules of the road for cyclists, how to find a safe route and what concerns cyclists should keep in mind.

Participants are also encouraged to bring bicycles with them for a safety check and a short ride.

Through a grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation, the first 25 participants will receive a free helmet, backpack and reflective vest, so pre-registration is recommended. All participants will also receive a free bicycle safety check and a map of safe cycling routes in and around Hermiston.

“The safe route map is something we haven’t had in this community,” Gregory said. “We went out and found some good, safe routes people can take and put them on a map.”

Although Good Shepherd has hosted cycling classes in the past, “Taking It To The Streets” represents a new approach.

“This one is unique because we can give away these items that will help with safety and encourage people to have these with them. Fun is a big piece and safety is a big piece,” Gregory said. “Everything is free, so all people have to do is give us a call and register.”

For more information or to sign up, call the Good Shepherd Health Information Center at 541-667-3509 or email healthinfo@

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