A truckload of free food will be handed out Nov. 19 in Hermiston.

The “Food Give-Away” will run from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Hermiston Assembly of God parking lot, 730 E. Hurlburt Ave.

“On that day, we’re just going to be giving food away, no gimmicks, no strings attached,” associate pastor Rick England said Tuesday. “It doesn’t matter who you are. You don’t have to show any earning statements. Whoever wants to come can come.”

The give-away will feature local food donations as well as a semi-truck full of produce from Northwest Food Bank, formerly Freedom Resource Center of Idaho. England said the 18-wheeler will bring about $100,000 worth of food to Hermiston.

“The amount of food that comes on the truck they say can feed 400-500 families,” he said. “It’s a fair amount of food.”

Give-Away organizers have been working with the Idaho group and local farms and businesses for a few months putting together the event, England said.

“This is something that we know is a need in our community, and we have the resources to put this together,” he said. “We’re approaching a time of year where that food is really needed. We talked to Dave (Hughes) at Agape House, and he said he’s seen more people at Agape House than he ever has in the past, so it’s a real need. Anything people in our community can do to provide food is an asset.”

Organizers are still looking for additional donations, especially meat products, as well as volunteers.

On the day of the Give-Away, games and activities will be available to entertain children while parents wait in line. Because the event is outside, it is wheelchair accessible, and people will be on hand to help carry food to cars.

England said the event will go on in good or poor weather.

“We’ll still do it,” he said. “We can put up tarps and tents, we may move it inside if we have to, but we’ll still do it.”

For more information on the Give-Away or donating, call 541-567-5831.

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