Your newspaper staff has heard readers' comments and has restarted The Hermiston Herald's longtime feature, Looking Back.

If you've missed it, Looking Back is the weekly feature in which Karen Hutchinson-Talaski reviews back issues of The Hermiston Herald and prints snippets from the news of five, 10, 25, 50 and 75 years ago. The item runs on the Features page every Friday, along with the comic strips, humor columnist Don Flood and other fun entertainment, such as the weekly crossword puzzle.

And speaking of the crossword puzzle, what would you puzzle workers think about changing the crossword? We'd like to either enlarge the King Crossword or perhaps replace it with the more challenging Super Crossword we published in A&E, our former TV magazine.

Of course, our new @play TV magazine has both crossword and sudoku puzzles, but some readers say they miss the more challenging crossword we once offered in A&E. That prompted us to take a look at the Features page and realize the King Crossword is pretty small in the corner in which its crammed. By eliminating a couple of features above and beside it, we would have room for making the King Crossword larger, or using the larger Super Crossword instead.

If we're going to make either change on the Features page, we'd need to move or remove the Moments in Time and Strange but True features to make room. We've also discussed eliminating the Junior Whirl feature for kids because we're not sure how many people work the puzzles it offers.

We encourage readers to contact us by mail, phone or e-mail to let us know what further changes they'd like - or not like - on our Features page.

Dean Brickey is the editor of The Hermiston Herald.

You may reach him at(541) 546-4533 or e-mail

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