Family Health and Fitness Day committee members will honor long-time local physician Marvin John today by dedicating the event to his memory.

Juli Gregory, Good Shepherd director of education, said organizers wanted to be sure that they honored the long-time community physician because he had a profound impact on the community.

To honor his memory at the Family Health and Fitness day event, committee members will wear bright pink shirts reading “We Remember Dr. John” on the back. Memorial posters with photos of Dr. John on them will also be displayed throughout the high school, and the hospital mascot, Dr. John John, who was named after John, will also be at the event.

John came to Umatilla County in 1955, where, for the next 27 years, he had his own private practice and worked for the Umatilla Community Hospital and then at Good Shepherd when they consolidated in 1982. He remained at the hospital up until June 2013, where he served as the medical director of Vange John Memorial Hospice.

“I think what made such an impact on people that came to see him was that, when they were seeing him for an ailment in his office, they knew that he was right there with them for as long as they needed,” daughter Carollyn Robinson said.

Robinson said so many people thought it was worth waiting to see him because they got that individualized attention.

“He didn’t just care for the physical issue,” she said. “He spent time talking with them and helping with even their emotional and maybe even spiritual needs.

In addition to his practice, John also was very active in the community. He served as part of the Umatilla Lions Club, the Umatilla District School Board, on a number of clinical and hospital boards and as the team physician for Umatilla schools.

“He was very well known in the community,” Robinson said.

Gregory said though no official ceremony will be take place during the day to honor his memory, John will very much be on the minds of everyone in the committee.

John passed away in July of this year, and Gregory said hospital staff wanted to make sure that they honored the life of the person who gave so much of himself to so many people as both a doctor and as a friend.

“We are continuing this wonderful tribute to a truly great and dearly loved man,” she said.

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