In the 106 years since its incorporation, the City of Echo has named 34 people mayor.

Now, the city is working to compile a photo gallery of each of those former officials.

“This started because someone had called and asked about one of our former mayors, and we realized we did not have a photo of him,” City Administrator Diane Berry said. “I just thought it would be nice to have a photographic record of all our mayors and have it on display either here or at the museum.”

The city has been working to develop an archive of historical pictures of Echo buildings, people and history, Berry said, but identifying people in those photographs can be difficult.

“There are a lot of pictures in the museum that we can’t identify, especially as time goes by and the people who could recognize them go on,” Berry said.

According to city records, Echo’s longest-serving mayor was C.H. “Brick” Esselstyn, who served a total of 16 years in three separate periods: 1933-43; 1951-53 and 1961-65. Esselstyn was instrumental in the development of Echo Hills Golf Course.

With eight years under his belt, current mayor Richard Winter holds the second-place title for longest service as mayor of Echo.

The city is looking for photographs of: Lemuel A. Esteb, R.B Stanfield, R.R. Lewis, Hugh D. Smith, G.J. Mitchell, Tom Deweese, AC Ebert, CL Gray, George Williams, Bernard “Ben” Berger, Alfred B. Swales, Norm Bergstrom, Sloan Thomson, Eddie Liesegang, Louis LeTrace, Dutch Ramos, Walt Hoff, Dick Snow, Bill O’Brien, Burl Wattenburger, Irvine Howard, Marvin Storz, Darrell Power, Doug Clement, David McAuslan and Jeannette Bell.

Although digital copies are preferred, hard copies will be gratefully accepted.

“Even if people have a hard copy, we can scan their photograph and get it back to them,” Berry said. “Anyone who had a photo, please let us know.”

For more information, call 541-376-8411 or stop by 20 S. Bonanza St. during business hours, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Information on Echo and its history is also online at

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