Cotton candy, private pilots and cooking classes made for a successful evening for the Parent Club members at Desert View Elementary this week.

Tuesday evening, the school hosted its fourth annual Desert View Auction and Raffle, the only fundraiser the school parent club hosts every year. Run by volunteers, the Desert View Parent Club raises money for school “extras,” such as field trips, playground equipment and classroom projects.

“I think it went really well,” auction emcee, teacher and Parent Club member Melissa Purswell said. “We’re extremely lucky to have such generous parents and staff in our community. It takes a lot of work to put this on, but it’s worth it because of our community.”

Under the direction of Ford Bonney, the live auction brought in more than $4,500 for the club. The 28 items ranged from $35 for a chance to decorate a ceiling tile at the school to the largest bid of the night: $500 for the “Air and Space Adventure Exploration.” The adventure includes  round-trip transportation to McMinnville in a private airplane, as well as admission to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum for two adults and two children.

That high bid went to parent Nova Parker.

“It’s an awesome trip down the gorge to an awesome museum, and we have two kids and two adults who want to go,” she said with a laugh.

In addition to the Air and Space Adventure, bids for multiple other items topped $250, including an airborne scavenger hunt, which brought in $425, Principal for a Day for $310 and KNDU Newscaster (see yourself on television) for $290.

Staff and teachers also got involved with the project, purchasing tickets and having students submit recommendations for a new raffle: Send a Staff Member on Vacation.

That prize, donated by the Simmons Financial Group and Skamania Lodge, went to ELL teacher Jenny Miller.

“I’m really excited,” Miller said. “My husband and I went there for our anniversary 17 years ago, so I’m really, really excited.”

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