Workers at the Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility continue to move toward the destruction of all the mustard agent on site.

Last week, a spokesman for the Umatilla Chemical Depot said more than 80 percent of the chemical agents have been destroyed. Michael Fletcher said the combined tonnage of GB, VX and mustard agent processed totaled 80.75 percent as of midnight June 2.

Workers at the demilitarization plant expect to complete the mustard-destruction campaign in late November.

At the end of the week’s activity, demilitarization plant workers had destroyed more than 3.2 million pounds of mustard agent and destroyed more than 6.6 million pounds of all chemical agents.

Also at the end of the week, workers had destroyed 219,774 munitions since operations began Sept. 7, 2004. That’s when demilitarization workers started destroying GB (sarin) munitions. That campaign ended July 8, 2007. The VX campaign began Oct. 6, 2007 and ended Nov. 5, 2008.

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