By David Bashore

Herald sports reporter

Hermiston — Fourteen Hermiston football players were named to the all-Intermountain Conference teams for this season.

The Hermiston contingent is headlined by senior lineman Levi Smith, who earned first team offense and second team defense honors.

2006 All-IMC Football

Player of the Year (Off.):

Trevor Smith, Pendleton

Player of the Year (Def.):

Steve Butrick, Bend

First Team

Center: Hayden Mace, Mountain View

Guards: Ryan Kelly, Summit; Ross Worstell, Hermiston

Tackles: Nate Goodwin, Bend; Ben Atchison, Mountain View; Levi Smith, Hermiston

Tight End: Orrin Wallace, Madras

Wide Receivers: Garrett Kroll, Bend; Bobby Corey, Pendleton; Pat Cashman, Mountain View

Running Backs: Mark Speck, Bend; Sean Koepf, Mountain View; Kenny Melton, Pendleton

Quarterback: Trevor Smith, Pendleton

Defensive Line: Mike Gamm, Bend; Garrett Later, Hermiston; Steve Nunes, Mountain View; Ryan Burton, Summit

Inside Linebackers: Steve Butrick, Bend; Dane Pratt, Hermiston; Tucker Whitten, Pendleton

Outside Linebackers / Defensive Ends: Ben Schwarz, Bend; Kevin Wheldon, Mountain View; Robert Thorne, Pendleton

Defensive Backs: Shae Schimmel, Hermiston; Holt Morris, Hermiston; Garrett Kroll, Bend; Mitch Martini, Mountain View; Bobby Corey, Pendleton

Long Snapper: Devon Johnson, Summit

Punter: Mark Speck, Bend; Seth Davies, Mountain View

Kicker: Jordan Anzaldo, Summit

Second Team

Center: Jake Bruno, Bend

Guards: Mike Gamm, Bend; Ryan Bothum, Hermiston

Tackles: Robert Atoe, The Dalles-Wahtonka; Eli Johnson, Crook County

Tight End: John Stanley, Bend

Wide Receivers: Tucker Whitten, Pendleton; Mike Davis, Summit

Running Backs: Bryce Fritz, Hermiston; Alex Ringe, Hermiston; Ash Gibson, Mountain View

Quarterback: Aaron Marshall, Madras

Defensive Line: Robert Niko, The Dalles-Wahtonka; Levi Smith, Hermiston; Aleluia Fanene, The Dalles-Wahtonka; Jake Lemberger, Pendleton

Inside Linebackers: Jake Bruno, Bend; Kenny Melton, Pendleton; Aaron Marshall, Madras

Outside Linebackers / Defensive Ends: Colman Currie, Mountain View; Daniel Mullay, Hermiston; Orrin Wallace, Madras

Defensive Backs: Kevin Gilbride, Summit; Jeff Nelson, Summit; Ivan Amezcua, Hermiston; Joey Weldon, Mountain View

Long Snapper: Derek Peters, Bend

Punter: Cody Buckendorf, Summit

Kicker: Mark Speck, Bend

Honorable Mention

Center: Devon Johnson, Summit; Josh Whitmire, The Dalles-Wahtonka; Taylor West, Pendleton

Guards: Demetri Enesi, The Dalles-Wahtonka; Jose Alvarez, Madras; Derek Peters, Bend; Sean McNall, Mountain View

Tackles: Trevor Armstrong, Pendleton

Tight End: Rich Combee, Crook County; Coleman Currie, Mountain View

Wide Receivers: Josh Farrester, Madras; Josh Young, Mountain View; Jake VanCleave, Pendleton; Luis Angulo, Hermiston; Harlan Porterfield, Summit

Running Backs: Drew Berry, Pendleton; James Breckterfield, The Dalles-Wahtonka; Matt Bruck, Madras

Quarterback: Beau Walker, Bend; Seth Davies, Mountain View; Cody Buckendorf, Summit

Defensive Line: Derek Peters, Bend; Francisco Arenas, Hermiston

Inside Linebackers: Clayton Hagen, Madras; Tom Leavitt, Crook County; Omari Nathan, Hermiston; Ash Gibson, Mountain View; Drew Berry, Pendleton; Jess Cooley, Pendleton; Cody Knighten, Summit; Julian Barton, The Dalles-Wahtonka; James Breckterfield, The Dalles-Wahtonka; Jordan Keesee, Summit

Outside Linebackers / Defensive Ends: Richard Combee, Crook County; Logan Blasdell, Crook County; Bryson Thurman, Pendleton

Defensive Backs: Mike Grast, Crook County; Ty McCormack, Crook County

Long Snapper: Rich Combee, Crook County; Chase Lemapu, Mountain View

Punter: James Breckterfield, The Dalles-Wahtonka

Kicker: Brian Cashman, Mountain View; James Breckterfield, The Dalles-Wahtonka

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