When Christians share their faith-based experiences, it offers a message of hope that many people are looking for, said Chris Hankel, senior pastor at New Hope Community Church.

The Greater Hermiston CityFest Committee, which includes local pastors and church leaders, invites people to attend “Friendship Evangelism Training.” The session helps people learn to share their faith story in a natural way.

Presented by Jose Zayas, those in attendance will learn that even if they’re not a preacher or an outgoing person, everyone can develop their own personal style in sharing about their faith in God. The free event is Tuesday, June 15, at 7 p.m. at Hermiston Christian Center, 1825 W. Highland Ave. Those planning to attend are asked to RSVP via https://luispalauassociation.regfox.com/herm-fe.

Zayas is active in global missions — speaking at festivals, conferences, and outreach events across the United States, Europe and Africa. He also serves as lead pastor of 26 West Church in Portland, and is the author of “Airborne: Getting Your Faith Off the Ground.”

The committee continues to make plans for numerous activities and community events during the week of Aug. 22 — leading up to Greater Hermiston CityFest, which is Saturday, Aug. 28, at Butte Park in Hermiston. For more information and to signup for regular updates, visit www.cityfest.org. For questions, call Mary Corp at 541-720-3859 or Phil Hamm at 541-561-4724.

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