Eastern Oregon University awarded 717 degrees during the 2021-22 academic year. Local students and their field of study include:

HERMISTON — Vanessa Ambriz Mendoza, B.A., Psychology; Rileigh Anika Andreason, M.A., Teaching, Secondary Education; Lara Lea Arriola, B.S., Early Childhood Education; Dylan Caldwell, M.A., Teaching, Secondary Education; Jiliane C Dawson, B.S., Business Administration; Gavin Allen Drotzmann, B.S., Business Administration; Tristan LeAnne Estabrook, B.S., Psychology; Jennifer Fuentes, B.A., Multidisciplinary Studies; Giovanni Tomas Gallardo, B.S., Accounting; Virginia Alvares Garcia, PostBac Accounting Certificate; Alexander Paul Garza, B.S., Business Administration; Tammy Gattis, M.A., Teaching, Elementary Education; Madelyn Marie Juul, B.S., Business Administration; Nerissa May Le Clair, B.A., English/Writing; Jaime Madrigal, B.S., Elementary Education; Edith Giselle Martinez, B.S., Health and Human Performance; Edgar Navarrete Ruiz, M.A., Teaching, Secondary Education; Kendra Ronni Petersen, B.S., Integrative Studies; Joseph F Randolph, B.S., History; Ashley Allyce Seibel, B.S., Interdisciplinary Studies; Monica Makayla Smith, B.S., Elementary Education; Elsy Beatris Spears, B.S., Elementary Education; Bailey Ray MacLain Srofe, B.S., Elementary Education; Eleanor R Stuart, M.S., Education; Luke John Carl Walchli, M.A., Teaching, Secondary Education; Courtney N Wheeler, B.S., Multidisciplinary Studies/Elementary Education.

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Tammy Malgesini has worked as a community reporter/columnist for EO Media Group since 2006. She earned a psychology/sociology degree from George Fox College. In her spare time, Tammy enjoys spending time with her husband and two German shepherds.

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