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Robert Davis was sworn in on June 4, 2020, as the new post commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Desert Post 4750 in Hermiston. He is shown with his sister Emma Smith of Chicago, left, who flew in for the ceremony, and his sister Rose Johnson Gale of Umatilla on the right.

Robert Lee Davis of Hermiston was sworn in Thursday, June 4, as the new post commander for Hermiston’s VFW Desert Post 4750.

According to a news release:

“The other officers that took their oaths were Rob Lovett, doing double duty as both the quartermaster and chaplain, and Dennis Aiken, who will be both the post adjutant and senior vice commander. The new leadership team conceived of the plan to assume the duties of leadership just moments before the April 2 elections, causing the predictable uproar that left the longtime outgoing post commander, Ron Jardine, at times having the Devil’s own time trying to suppress both frustrations and outright laughter. In the end, the ceremony went on without further ado.

Robert Davis’ calm and accepting presenting persona garnered him the top spot as a valuable asset as the new team works to return the post to both its original intent of serving the needs of existing members and to begin to solve the problem of recruiting the younger veterans. Also very high on the list of things to be done is community outreach in general, such as inviting the Red Cross to have a blood drive at the post, and all-veteran outreach, such as the All-Vet Swap Meet the last weekend of July. One of the post’s younger members also wants to expand the gun and hunting safety program, and the post is looking into supporting young people on other ventures, such as the FFA. Suggestions are certainly welcomed.”

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