A loan for more than $11 million is on its way to the City of Hermiston.

The Hermiston City Council approved a resolution Monday to enter into a loan agreement Monday with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality for $11.41 million to go toward the construction of the city’s recycled water project.

The new loan, at an interest rate of 2.65 percent, joins a $4 million DEQ loan the city received in June.

“We were hopeful for a second round of low-interest loans to help fund the project, and I’m very, very pleased to announce that this is $11.4 million at an interest rate even lower than the first (loan),” City Manager Ed Brookshier said. “With the $4 million we’ve already received, this brings our DEQ loan package right at $15 million on a $25 million project.”

The project will transform the city’s current 30-year-old wastewater facility into the Hermiston Recycled Water Plant, a sustainable facility capable of discharging high-quality water for irrigation while meeting current and projected regulations.

“(DEQ has) really come to help us with this project,” Brookshier said. “We really appreciate it.”

Also during the meeting:

— The council unanimously approved Resolution 1882 to establish a new health reimbursement arragement/voluntary employees beneficiary association plan. The resolution changes health insurance for all non-police employees from a 80-20 percent plan to a 90-10 percent plan, effective in January.

“This is part of our movement to a less expensive plan for our employees,” Brookshier said. “The estimated savings to the city is 17 percent of health insurance costs.”

— Rick Stoddard, of Barnett and Moro, presented the city’s 2009-10 Audit Report, and said the city earned a clean report from the accounting firm.

— City council members unanimously authorized a non-binding memorandum concerning the establishment of an Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center.

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